JenkinsCrew 110 Gallon Oceanic Mixed Reef Build

Quick update:

Well last week I took out the one damsel that was getting picked on. I think it must have been sick/weak and thats why it was getting picked on and chased around. Went ahead and put him in my 2 gallon qt tank and did a 5 day med treatment on him. After I took him out I moved the sigle clown from one of the biocubes into the big tank and did great.

This weekend I moved the chromis from the the biocube to the big tank leaving only coral in the one biocube. I also added another 15 of cleanup crew to the big tank. So far all are doing well.

Since the one biocube had no more fish I moved the damsel into it and is swimming strong and looking very healthy. He will go back in the big tank in about 2 weeks.

Next weekend I will move "Dory" to the big tank.

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enjoy the build...looks like your having fun...thanks for the idea of the tower...just have to see if I have the height in the garage to do that. You must have be in my house as that is the way my ro unit is connected right now....going to have to move it soon but, I just had to laugh as I thought I was the only one who connected it like that.
Definitely having fun and enjoying it so far. :)

Awesome hope you got some good ideas, if your ceiling isn't tall enough you can always forgo the storage underneath. Let me know if you have any questions and I will try my best to answer them.

Here is a current FTS:

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Got my Apex AFS yesterday and setup, seems to work well! Using it in conjunction with a Melevs Reef auto-feeder chimney :p
alt="" />Also looks like one of my Nassarius Snails is dropping eggs? Will these actually hatch and survive in a tank or will the fish just eat them up?
alt="" />Sorry not a great pic, was after lights out.
Really! That's pretty cool! So neat to see what all happens with everything that lives in the tank. Its an adventure everyday. :p
Getting some more PAR readings this weekend. Will post all my readings when I get done putting it all together.

Got my custom black Melevs Reef APEX display stand today and got it set up. Now I can see some of my parameters from across the room for easy viewing. Now my power/monitoring station is complete :)
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Thank you!

I put the leftover cheato from you in my sump fuge area after I filled up the biocube. We'll see how it goes.

I also got some custom Melevs Reef overflow covers to keep the fishes out. It is a pain to fish them out! :p
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Got in some diy dosing containers and put them together last night. Turned out pretty good and fit perfect next to my sump. Maybe I will be able to get them and the dosing pumps installed this weekend Getting closer to being ready for some coral!

They are the OXO 2.5 Qt fliplock containers with a hole drilled in the top to install a 1/4" push connect bulkhead. Then pushed in some 1/4" acrylic tubing for inside to suckup the solution and added a 1/4" push connect slip elbow so it can swivel where I want it.


Put together


And then there were 3!

Looks awesome!, I wish I was a more DIY person, the plumbing looks very nice and those dosing containers look great. Btw that melev reefs auto feeder chimney is perfect I think I want one :)
Thanks guys!

Yep the dosing containers were super easy, got the idea and parts all from bulk reef supply.

The chimney has been great for feeding and now never see pellet food in my filter sock, definitely a good buy.
Hoping to get my dosing pumps installed this weekend. I have been working on a mounting board for my new icecap dosers.


Just waiting on one more pump to get here and a stand for my dosing containers and then I can start dialing in my dosers.

Also put all my PAR readings together for this tank. I did 2 sets of measurements. The first was manually setting each LED channel to specified percentages and the second was my schedule I have set for everyday when each channel was changing. This is what it turned out like. I dont know if my current schedule will work well once I get corals in but this should give me an idea with the different percentages later if I need to modify.


Here is what the app shows when I manually set the LED channels.


Here is what the app shows for the everyday schedule I have set.

Got a new addition this last weekend, a Bi-color Angelfish that my son picked out. We wanted a rock beauty but won't work for the plans with my tank so this was the next closest. Still a very beautiful fish. I am going to make sure and quarantine all new fish, so it will be in here for a few weeks to monitor. Already did the saftey stop baths and everything is looking good. Very active fish and is hiding less and less. Cant wait to put it in the big tank!