JenkinsCrew 110 Gallon Oceanic Mixed Reef Build


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LOL, didn’t think I would be posting in this section for a while, however, the aquarium bug has spread through the family now. My grandfather decided he wants an aquarium, but just for viewing pleasure. The tank will be at my house and I will be setting up and maintaining the tank as a family project. He wants everyone in the family to be able to pick out fish for the tank for everyone to enjoy. So I will now have a total of 3 tanks in the house! I am going to start this build log for anyone who wants to tag along and help with suggestions. Although this isn’t my first rodeo, it is for a tank this size with a sump.We purchased this 8-year-old tank from David in Arlington, that he had for sale after upgrading, and we are very appreciative for all his help. It is a 110 Gallon Oceanic Dual Corner Overflow/Return Tank with a Planet Aquariums DIY 30 Gallon Sump in a Victorian style stand and canopy.It is a used tank so it is going to need a little TLC to get it back in shape but nothing some cleaning and refinishing won’t take care of. I will be taking my time to get everything done right so I only have to do it once for a long time. I don’t plan on another upgrade for a while so I am not setting up anything for temporary. If you saw my other build I like things clean and neat and hoping to do the same with this build.Here is everything loaded up ready to take home…. :)View attachment 1020[To Be Continued… ]
This is gonna be fun to watch the progress on this build. Can't wait to see what you do with it. With your attention to detail and desire to have everything neat and tidy, I'm sure we're all going to get a lot of good ideas from watching this one!
And when he's done he can come tidy mine! I really like the attention to detail, Chris. And Granddad is one smart cookie! Gets a tank without the work! I'm going to keep my eye on that one at the swaps!
Yes we are all pretty excited about it and I will definitely enjoy the build. [smilie=smile.gif] Yes my granddad is very smart, but it didn't take much convincing on my end...LOL
Looking forward to see this! These build threads are my favorite! I think setting them up is one of my favorite parts. You don't have to worry about water parameters when there isn't any water yet!!!
Very true Eric! Speaking of water, I won’t be lugging water from the fish store anymore. Time to start mixing at home. Let the planning and building begin!
I can't wait to see what you buy in July. ;)
Thanks! Just used allot of water, the kent scrapper and a little elbow grease. Took some time but worth it in the end!

Gonna work on rodi/mixing station setup next.

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:)Well I got the bulkheads in and started getting everything test fit before painting and gluing, pretty much what it will look like. Will be using a Pan World 100PX pump for mixing and pumping to remote locations.View attachment 1031Here is inside my top Brute where I put the RODI float valve and installed some small RODI bulkheads for a water level viewing tube window.View attachment 1032
Thanks guys! Hopefully I will finish up with this part tonight and run the RODI line from the laundry room and get it all tested out.