JenkinsCrew 110 Gallon Oceanic Mixed Reef Build

If you suck at taking pictures, I can't wait to see what you do after you take a few classes. These pictures are really nice. If you don't have one already, invest in a sturdy tripod and head.  I have a really nice one, but I'm always too lazy to get it out and just use my phone instead.
Well the tank is almost 2 ½ years old now and things are going good and all growing. The only loss I had so far was my green fungia plate, my yellow head goby decided to bury it with sand a couple months back. I left the skeleton in there and now it is sprouting babies, about 5 or 6. So I will have allot more soon :)View attachment 6818Everything has been getting larger and started growing into each other and killing stuff I want to keep. So, I had my first big fragging day and got to bust out the coral band saw. I have 3 full racks of frags now, going to wait a week or so to let them heal and then post them up.View attachment 6820After fragging: Torch, Hammer, Frogspawn, Gorgonia, Monti CapView attachment 6819