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Congratulations winning February 2024 Photo of Month Random Voter Prize of Tropic Marin Liquid Buffer! WAHOO!!
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I joined on Jan. 2 (paid via PayPal - can provide receipt if needed). I want to come to the event on Saturday in Arlington, but I cannot download the membership card. I sent an email to webmaster@dfwmas.org on Monday but have not gotten a reply. In fact, I have received nothing from the club at all since joining. Can someone help me? Thanks
Fish Think Pink
Fish Think Pink
@mrgUT75 I sent you a private communication also known as a website email - look in the upper right and go into the icon that looks like an envelope. When I know you have seen that, then I will remove this and your above notes. We are glad you joined. In that email I shared some tips about setting up Forum 'watch' so you can personalize what you want to receive from the club. Happy Spring!