JenkinsCrew 110 Gallon Oceanic Mixed Reef Build

Just curious...what size quarantine tank did you set up? I see the marine pure, what other filtration?
It is just a 2 gallon I had for just incase. I added the extra piece of Marine Pure from my sump, a piece of polyfilter, some pvc pieces, heater, air line and thermometer. I do about a 25% water change everyday. After I get the corals moved from the 14 gallon biocube it will become the new QT once all emptied and cleaned.

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Got some more equipment installed today. Got the dosers mounted in the stand, got my kalkwasser reactor/stirrer up and running and installed my PM1 module and hooked up and calibrated a second ph probe for the kalk reactor . Time to start adding corals soon!


Corals in the house! :p

Well I got a few corals added tonight. Woohoo! It's also making room on the frag rack for corals I will get this weekend at the frag swap :)

Where are the close up shots! Let's see those before pics so in a few years we can see how HUGE they have become. [smilie=smile.gif] Sounds like you are going to have a blast at the frag swap!
See you there Mike!

Lol I will try to get some tonight. I moved over 7 of them. They were a little pissed off after acclimation and coral bath so they were closed up last night. Some were halfway to fully open this morning so should be able to get some shots :)

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I also upgraded my skimmer to the Nyos quantum 160 and still fits in my sump. Probably a little overkill but will probably end up with a heavy bioload and lots of feeding.


Seems to be pulling out great skimate!


I even made a hookup connection for my biopellet reactor output, for when it comes online.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nothing like some football and the fish tank to relax :)


Got the rest of the corals put in the tank too and looking alive now. Time to watch it grow :p

Woohooo! The build threads are finally moved over :) Thanks Jose!Wow it has been 4 months since an update...I have been itching to post updates for awhile lol.Just got all the broken pic links fixed, so all my pics in this thread are re-uploaded and fixed.So far things are going well and growing!Be patient as I go through all my pics and post the updates...stay tuned :) 
What was that big block in your QT tank under the PVC pipe ?You have done a great job with your set up. Very nice indeed.
It is just a small piece of a marine pure block I trimmed off the big pieces for my sump. I keep it in my sump to keep the bacteria populated in case I need to throw it in a small tank for some biological filtration. Also keep a bag of seachem matrix too for the same purpose. 
January Update:Added Snowflake Eel – Doing well and eating 1-2 silverside every other day. Getting along well with everyone, although the damsels do not like him when he is in their territory and smack him in the face when he comes around, they are not very friendly neighbors LOL. View attachment 1197Also picked up some corals from the Coral Fest frag swap. Got some acans, zoas, encrusting monti and gonipora.View attachment 1199  
February Update:Upgraded my return pump to the Octo Varios8 Pump and connected it to my APEX to one of the variable speed ports. With a little programming help from some members it is working great and have soft start up after feed modes. Love this variable speed pump.View attachment 1200Later added the new corals to the main display. Starting to brighten up when the blues come on now :)February FTS.View attachment 1201
March Update: Upgraded my powerheads from (four) Hydor Koralias to (two) Gryre XF 230. Only connected controller to APEX power since the controller that comes with it has so many mode options. So far loving the new random flows. Corals are happy too! View attachment 1202Also got one of the Fire Tablets and made it a display for the APEX Fusion site so I can control all the tanks in the house from one place :) Also got some custom Melev’s Reef stands made from Marc for the two new display/controllers to complete my power station.View attachment 1203Picked up some more corals from a member. I wanted to add some purple color so got some purple acros, digis, and milka sylo. Also grabbed some ribbon coral, not sure of actual name?View attachment 1204It also appears that I have a mated pair of damsels because they laid eggs this month. The male protects and fans them all day, finally got a shot with him away during feeding. Tons of eggs under one of my monti frags. Guess the fish and coral will be getting a snack when they hatch. :pView attachment 1205My method of planning where the new corals will be placed on the reef so I can just grab and glue!View attachment 1206