Successful Banggai settlement

After 3 failed carries, my male Banggai carried a full clutch of 40 babies to term. They were released yesterday and today (Days 25 & 26) and are now in a 5g grow out tank. I am keeping a journal on MBI and it can be found here.

[attachment=0]D26 release.jpg[/attachment]
Feeding Frenzy.

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That is awesome!!!! said:
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Should throw a long spine urchin in there or two for them.... to feel at home WHAT DOES THE FISH SAY! said:
Surprisingly, live urchins are not very common among Banggai breeders. Some use fake urchins that they have made, but simple plastics plants like I have set up is the most common. About 30% of the babies hang out in the plant unless it is feeding time. The rest stay out in the open all the time.
10 DPS update: No losses noticed, but I have been unable to count them. When not feeding, they move around the tank in a baseball sized school.

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I may take a couple off your hands once they're ready Sent from pay phone in the airport. said:
Awesome... If I can get a bunch of them to sell-able size and I find that I can sell them reasonably easy, I plan on using the money to set up a true breeder setup and seeing if I can eventually get my clowns going too. Who knows, maybe in few years I can have regularly available Banggai, DaVinci Clowns, and more.
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Awesome... If I can get a bunch of them to sell-able size and I find that I can sell them reasonably easy said:
I'd take one of them once they get big enough. I always prefer tank bred over wild caught livestock.
Thanks Guys.. I am starting a log of people who have shown interest and will give them first dibs before posting in the classifieds. With that said, it will a while before they are big enough to sell. I have seen varying reports of when to sell, with everyone agreeing that they can be sold at 6 months, but some say you can sell as early as 3-4 months. I figure I will probably offer them up in August, but we will see.