Kelly's deep dimension 24 gallon.

I will be replacing my Reefbreeders LED with a 6x24w ATI !!! Yay, back to T5's!! [smilie=clapping.gif] [smilie=clapping.gif] [smilie=clapping.gif] [smilie=rofl.gif] [smilie=clapping.gif]
Thanks for asking.
1) My eyes like T5's better, I've confirmed this as of late.
2) My SPS grew thicker, fuller branches with T5s.
3) In the same time period 5 years ago on my 58 build, my SPS grew faster.
4) This led seems to turn most acropora sp. a few shades greener.
5) My growth has seemed to go stagnant as of late. (Doesn't seem to be a nutrient issue)
6) My reefbreeders led is not the controllable model, just dimmable.
7) because ATI [smilie=lol.gif]

The Reefbreeders led is a fine light. I have indeed grown several types of corals with it. Honestly, my LPS, specifically chalices have grown at a very acceptable rate. Change in equipment is part of this hobby, I see a lot of long time reef keepers going back to T5s. I just happen to be one of them.
The 6x24w ATI is now in place. I'll post photos soon. I am also upgrading my wp25 to a rw 8 in the next couple weeks.
Kelly I would ask around about the RW-8 on your tank. It may be bigtime overkill. 2 RW-15's had the same flow as my 3 MP-40's. Some of the guys on RC have gone with 3-4 RW-8's on 6ft tanks. You may want to try the RW-4.
Hey bud! I'm glad you brought this up. On reefbreeders site it claims that the RW-8 is comparable to the wp25. I have the wp25 now and I can indeed make it blow water out of the tank. However, I keep it dialed down. I am unable to run ELSE mode because of the power. I keep flip flopping between the RW8 or RW4. I could run the ELSE mode with a RW4 I bet....
If I run ELSE mode on my RW-15's overnight, I wake up to a big valley in the center of my tank. That is with them on the lowest speed and slowest wave cycle. I currently run mine on C mode with the cycle set to the slowest setting and speed on 5 on 1 pump and 3 on the other. This combined with my return flow give me some pretty random flow. I also try and switch it to ELSE for a few minutes every few days to stir things up.
Did you try chemiclean or cyanokill to make sure it wasnt cyano? Im not sure of the source, but it seems like more and more people are battling Dino's. A guy that I work with has a pretty major dino outbreak, but has started dosing peroxide to hopefully kill them.

If there's anything I can do to help, let me know. I can crank out 150gpd of RODI water, and have plenty of salt for water changes. I have a few tanks lying around, and could piece together a full system if needed.
@FuDz Cwerner wrote:
Did you try chemiclean or cyanokill to make sure it wasnt cyano? Im not sure of the source said:
You are always incredibly generous, thank you. I still want to buy your DSA cube when I have the funds sir. I have confirmed that they are indeed Dinoflagellates and not Cyanobacteria. They are stringy, brown, and love to grow on SPS tips. I have added more flow and done lights out for 48 hours. I read a 29 page thread on RC that it "just comes and goes" and "water changes can fuel this". I have read of people using up to 4X the recommended dose of Peroxide with no luck...but I have been dosing it daily for almost a month now. Lights out works like a charm for about a day, but these Dinos are like sand people- "They'll soon be back, and in greater numbers." I love reefing, so I'll continue the battle, but geez...I just wanna enjoy my tank.
Well I know you can beat them! If there is anything I can do to help, text me anytime of day. As you know I work shift work, so you may catch me up at odd hours.
3% peroxide at several weeks now...reduced lighting is the only thing that seems to work for these Dino's. I still come home to this every day: