Kelly's deep dimension 24 gallon.

....wrong stinkin' plug.

The 12v adapter works, but seems to be slightly underpowered. i know they come with a 24V which I've read is too much in some cases. Logan at Reefbreeders is sending me a US plug, but I imagine it will be too much. I think I will employ an 18V adapter if I can find one.
I stopped by Frank's Tanks for the first time in over a year yesterday. He had some great prices on Acropora frags so I snagged up this bad boy:
@Kelly wrote:
I stopped by Frank's Tanks for the first time in over a year yesterday. He had some great prices on Acropora frags so I snagged up this bad boy: [img][/img] alt=""> said:
What color is that acro.... We might have a possible frag trade ;)

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It looks to be on the brown side of purple with blue tips/white polyps at the moment. I'll post a whiter picture when I get home today. It looks really promising and I'll post updates as it gets used to my leds and water.

These LEDs seem to turn any Acropora Sp. green. I'm considering going back to T5HO, maybe an ATI. I loved my Teklight I ran.
Here's some growth/change shots I threw together.

First is the Ponape Birdsnest, Early August- Early December 2013:


Next is the Acropora Sp. I picked up at Franks on Oct. 25th, and Dec. 30th.


July of 2013 and Today (1/1/2014)


I'd like to change my review of the Bubble Magus Curve I bought for this tank. It seems in the last 6-8 weeks it has needed to have the intake removed and cleared of detritus multiple times. I never had this issue with my old SWC on my 58. Then today, I come home from work and the water level in the body is perfect, but there were no bubbles. The pump was very warm to the touch, bordering hot. I cleaned some salt creep from inside the air line fitting, and it now produces bubbles, but sounds "clunky". The skimmer performs well, it just seems like more of a chore to keep clean/clear than it should be.
I awoke to a dead skimmer pump this morning (very hot to the touch). I removed the pump and skimmer and now have to face warranty support or pricey pump/impeller replacement. I'll update with how Seaside Aquatics handles this as I am still within the warranty period. I wish I could just buy a replacement pump locally just to get my skimmer back online. I have multiple SPS corals and dose vodka, so I can't be skimmerless for too long I imagine.
Tom at Seaside Aquatics handled my claim quickly and even corresponded through email over the weekend including Sunday. Great support [smilie=clapping.gif]

On a different note, I got a new tank stand because I have had trust issues with the one I have it on presently. I'll post pictures soon.