Kelly's deep dimension 24 gallon.

Well the battle seems to be over with these dinoflagellates. Cutting my lighting back to 7 hours instead of 12 has has the greatest impact. I don't see them grow anywhere now-YAY!! [smilie=lol.gif]

On another note, I finally got my Jebao RW-4 in-I'm a fan so far.
Hey folks. I am having an issue with my ATI 6x24w dimmable sunpower. The fans won't turn on, which throws the fixture into a safe mode that dims the fixture to keep the temperature down. I'll list everything I've done so far to try to be clear.
1) cleaned the fans with canned air.
2) hooked up a 9 volt battery to each fan to ensure they work. (They do run with a 9 volt battery)-flawless.
3) ran the fixture through "test" mode where it ramps the fans up and down-no fan power.
4) ensured the connections were good inside.

I am so lost, and frustrated. If anyone on here can help, please do. I currently have a box fan blowing on the fixture to prevent it from entering safe mode.

Mods-I am posting this in my build thread, in the equipment forum, AND the 911 forum, consolidate these if you must, I'm just trying to get more exposure for this post.
I forgot to update this.
The settings changed when I unplugged the fixture organizing my cords. ATI north Americas service was quick and friendly. They emailed me a video and walked me through a hidden menu in the controller. All is well.
Well I've been reef keeping for over 5 years now, hauling water from the local grocer's "Glacier" machine. I have FINALLY purchased an RO/DI unit!
I bought the BRS value plus model, 75 gpd. I also picked up some of Julian Sprung/Two Little Fishies "Acropower" it should pair nicely with my ULNS.
I visited Frank's Tanks yesterday to pick up a pair of cleaner shrimp and some Trochus snails. Of course he had an epic mini colony of an Acropora Sp. I couldn't resist. You can see it on the top left in this full tank shot.

I ended up overdosing vodka and have killed all of my sps minus the pink lemonade, a small piece of Montipora Digitata, and the base to the mystery green acropora. All of my lps never showed any issues, and I corrected the problem without any chalice or acan losses. My black leopard completed its change and is now a full, mature male. Just time to update and share a few photos. Mostly the same old roster, note the firefish we've had since 2009.





Thank you for following my thread dnote! I grew that from a frag about the size of a 50 cent piece that was given to me by a good friend. [smilie=clapping.gif]

There may be some changes with my tank soon by way of a 36x24x17...hopefully. [smilie=thinking.gif]
Tank taken down, 4/24/16.

Thanks for following my build everyone! [smilie=clapping.gif] [smilie=clapping.gif] [smilie=clapping.gif] [smilie=clapping.gif] [smilie=clapping.gif] [smilie=clapping.gif] [smilie=clapping.gif]
@jenkinscrew wrote:
Any other projects in the future? said:
Yes, eventually. We have our third child due in August, and we are selling our home in about a year. It's hard to have a third child, and stage a home for sale with an aquarium as well. Once we move, there will be a build similar to this one, but on a bigger scale. Not huge or anything, but a custom size.
I am 31, and have regularly had an aquarium in my care since I was 7. So this tankless break is odd to say the least. Our 8 year old daughter has NEVER had a home without a tank, nor our 2 year old son. We're all adjusting to the void, as is my wife. We all look forward to setting up the "final tank", it will just be awhile.
Thank you for asking!
Well congrats! Glad to hear we'll see more in the future. Good luck with the move and new home!

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