140 Gallon Starphire Build


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Yeah that is bitter sweet. My guess is if you had a sig they would have cropped it anyway lol


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dang, I saw it and kinda wondered if you were aware. I remember you posting it originally, the babysitter pic, right?

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David uses my pictures all the time. I really don't care. Heck, when I scroll and see one of my images, it's generally a surprise but often it is linked to one of my threads or videos. You can ask him not to do it, or you can ask that he use one if he's sharing your thread to get more eyes on it.


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@kuyatwo wrote:
Kind of flattered but little upset. Uchin pointed this out to me a pic of my tank was used on r2r fb page without my permission. I guess I need to start watermarking my pics Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk said:
well... watermark away and show us some of the goodies!


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So doing a complete breakdown and redo of the tank. After tank crash last summer I just had water and skimmer going for past six month. I guess I couldn’t have the heart to take out huge coral skeletons . Chalices size of dinner plates and sps colonies probably volleyball sized.Gonna go minimalist live rock, tank - samesump - replaced with icecap sumpapex - upgraded to newer style return - upgraded to cor 20 over my Tunze return pump powerheads - haven’t decided if I want to keep my mp60 or go with two wave power heads that will be on the back wallSkimmer - bk minilights - I am going to add aquaticlife hybrid fixture to add 4 t5’s to my current gen 3 radion prosluckily my good friend has been gracious enough to hold some frags from the past couple frag swaps. Thanks mark MBZgood to finally have the itch back 


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Sorry to hear about your crash, I can't imaging how devastating that must be. Glad to hear you got the itch back and have a plan. Can't wait to see it come together!