RickyB’s 400 Gallon Custom Oceanic build

As the tank continues to mature, and corals growing like crazy, I fell like I need to reset my tank with only a selected few SPS.Sad to say, I'll be breaking the tank down, but at the same time is going to give me the opportunity and challenge for a new aquascape and be able to obtain some of the corals I admire. Thank you all! 
Say it isn't so!  Your tank is gorgeous!  But I completely understand the desire to revamp.  Best of luck buddy!
Wow!  I understand the desire to start fresh with only the SPS you really like/want, but it will be sad to not see your beautifully full tank!  I still show people pictures of your tank from the tank tour and tell people that is what I want mine to look like someday.Make sure you keep your blog updated with all of your changes so we can follow along and learn all your secrets!
Thanks guys!I'm planning on taking some pictures before I start taking the colonies out. I'm planning on taking one colony at a time in order to not disturb too many things and not lose everything in the process. I'm thinking on setting up a temporary tank with some frags/small colonies of the corals I would like to keep and regrow.
Ricky, my tank is not ready, can you wait about 4 months? :D Seriousl,y I am amazed by a few people on this board and if you are preparing to cultivate and start over again for the joys of the hobby, I would be thrilled to know you! Hope to see you at the meeting!
I think this will be a slow process as I can't bare to think of the tank without any corals.....
Last week I replaced the return pump and modified some of the plumbing to the CA reactor. The pH on the reactor used to fluctuate a bit, but now is 100% steady (flat line) like never before.View attachment 2819
Ricky,Tell me about the flow in your tank, how many pumps you have and where they're placed. I'm thinking about changing mine up.
Michael,I have 3 jebao pumps in there, all are next to the overflows and positioned away from the corals (no direct flow) as much as I can. One of them pumps water along the back glass. I have 4th pump that I use for cleaning rotation. 2 of them are controlled by Apex.
Yes! and leak tested. I will be adding some salt water after a water change today. I've begin a research - search for a light for it, need to cover 18X34, any ideas or suggestions?View attachment 3627