Mossjer's 65 gal build/help me thread

And no my rock is not that green or purple. It was the lighting that was on at the time and a cell phone pic.
Well, I must have missed a setting in this oh so precise instruction manual for the Gyre. Woke up this morning to find a nice sand dune in the tank and a bare bottom corner. Apparently it cam on at midnight and ran on straight flow at 20% ran that way all night. I wondered why the tank sounded different, should have got up to investigate.?I'm still learning this thing but so far I love it. Absolutely silent except it changes the way the overflow sounds. It is a bit bulky looking in there but I only need 1.
Anyone have any idea what these things are, they came with the Icecap Gyre.View attachment 722And why does the controller have an SD slot on the bottom? It says nothing about these things in the manual.
Looks like spare parts. The Maxspec comes with spare parts too. These Gyre powerheads are tricky to get dialed in for sure LOL.The coral looks good :)?
Posted by: jenkinscrew?Looks like spare parts. The Maxspec comes with spare parts too. These Gyre powerheads are tricky to get dialed in for sure LOL.The coral looks good :-)?? ? said:
I just took a look at the Icecap Gyre.? It also comes from Coralvue.? It will definitely run both directions.? Strange that the spare parts are different from the Maxspect.?? Maybe because it is a 100 series pump and not a 200?Mark
I don't see anywhere that it says to change the pump cages. It seems to be working fine.?Hell they don't even tell you how to take it apart. But if I'm doing something wrong I would like to know now.
Look at the pump blades.? They angle toward the discharge.? There are two rows of intakes together on each cage.? The blades are angled so they push the water out.? If the blades on both sides are angled the same direction it won't push much water running in reverse.? My pump came with 4 cages and 4 sets of blades.You can just hold your hand in front of the pump.? In the Gyre mode it should only push water out of one side at a time.? If it isn't set up for forward reverse it will only push water for 1/2 the cycle and almost nothing in reverse.?? That was one of the reasons I got rid of the Jabeo.? It had almost no flow in reverse.On mine the cages and blades are marked with an A and a B.? For single direction flow you use an A and a B set.? For Gyre you use two A or two B.? Confusing as heck.
Did you get it?? I should have said look at the 3:30 mark, not 2:30.? It shows yo how to change the blades and cages.? It's super easy, just be gentle or you can damage the ceramic shafts and seals.
I get it now, just that the Icecap only came with one set of cages and says nothing of needing another set. It does move water in reverse just a much slower pattern. the be expected of course. Oh well my tank seems happy with it this way. I'll let it roll for now.
You can just about do the same thing by throwing a lot of water at the far end then shutting the pump down for a few seconds.? That will also give you a bi-directional flow.
Back to the tank progress. I made my usual Friday night pilgrimage to the LFS to see what was new. ?Of course they had fish I wanted. I held off though. Going to let my current herd settle in a bit more before adding anything else that swims. I did pick up a little two head zoa frag that looks pretty cool. ?Can't remember what he called it of course. Also picked up a few empty shells for the hermits. They seem to be getting a little bit mean to each other looking for new homes.Picked up another bottle of tigger pods to get the other cardinal that stays in the corner to eat something. Well it did work but he's going to have to start eating something else. Or I'm going to have to start cultivating pods.?
Posted by: mossjer?They do state that it's geared toward a more cost saving crowd. That would be me. LOL? ? said:
I would check the Coralvue site from time to time.? The Icecap parts aren't listed yet, but they do have replacement cages for the Maxspect pumps.? The Maxspect are listed for $15.? You might even call customer support now.? Full flow forward and reverse will be a noticeable upgrade.I picked up a Foxface today.? He's not too happy.? He threatens me when I put my hand in the tank.? They had a Niger I would have grabbed, but they had it on hold for someone.? I understand Nigers are one of the few vegetarian triggers so they won't eat your crabs or cleaner shrimp.
Nice pickup on the Foxface, I really like those fish. A little too big for my tank though.?I really like the copper band, the guy at the fish store over here keeps trying to sell me one but I know my tank needs to mature a bit. He shows me every time I go in that they are eating frozen foods and not picky eaters. I keep telling him, not this week. Maybe in a couple of months.?
He's tried to sell that Copper butterfly to me a couple of times also, today as a matter or fact.? I've had them before and they are hard to keep alive.? I would have loved to get the small Raccoon but I'm told they like to eat corals.? North Dallas talked me out of it.?? I might get a Sailfin at some point.Tangs will come last.
Oh this wasn't at Saltwater Paradise. I have two other stores I frequent over in Arlington. LOLMaybe they are just trying to get them out of their tanks before something bad happens.