Mossjer's 65 gal build/help me thread

Saturday night and been a long day of "Band Dading", My son is a drummer and tried out for UNT Jazz Studies program today. Then had high school solo and ensemble after that. Nothing else to do so water test time.?Everything looks good. I find it hard to believe I don't have hardly any nitrates. No nitrites, or amonia.?
Tonight the drain on my tank is being so loud it's driving me nuts. Cant figure out what would have changed over the last few hours that would make it sound any different. Thinking about removing the bulkhead in the sump and adding a 45 angle pvc and submersing the output into the filter sock.. Is this a bad idea? What might it change water level wise?
How often are you testing?You should see ammonia and nitrites go up and down and nitrates keep going up.View attachment 779Did your water level change in your drain section? Does the water free fall from the drain/bulkhead to your sock?I remember having to play around with my drain system until it was quiet enough for me. I went through 2 sock mounts and many hose configs. I found submersing the drain into the sock with pipe extensions did help with my noise. I would give it a shot.
I can't really see the drain section to tell if anything changed back there. I need to figure out a good way to do that. I had even forgot which way the durso was pointing till I stuck my hand back there last night to make sure nothing was blocking it.The drain from the bulkhead has a downspout on it that is about 3 inches from the water so it does free fall. I wasn't sure if submersing the drain into the sump would cause draining issues. I will try it tonight.I already cut the pieces last night but I have to pull the skimmer to get to it. So I will mess with that tonight.
Just made the changes to my drain. Holy crap, why did I not do this before? What a difference. I removed the bulkhead in the sump and added a 45 angle and dropped it to about a 1/2 inch?freefall from the surface. So much better now.And the conch has decided to come out and move around. So good things going on here.
We discussed the Foxface I picked up.? He's still in the Quarantine tank and I'm a little worried about him.? I've only seen him eat once or twice.? He seems threatened.? He was parking in odd places in the tank so I put a rock in there so he could get behind it and rest.? I see him cruising the tank, but when he sees me in the morning he goes into full threat display and hides.? When I feed him the same thing happens and he doesn't come back out so the food just sits on the bottom.I've tried algae, pellet, caviar, and flake.? I've only see him eat a little flake and he ignores it now.I'm not going to put him in the main tank until I see him settle down but he may not in that bare tank.? I don't see any signs of ICK.? I think his respiration is high just from stress.? I guess I will just wait him out.
I usually put some pieces of PVC fittings in my hospital tank. Gives the fish some place to hide if it feels threatened.? I run an air stone and a small HOB filter box. No lighting, it?is in the kitchen, I need to get a light for that little tank.? The cardinal I had in there a few weeks ago I never saw eat. I tried several times to get him motivated but he never did. He's still alive and back in the big tank now but he just sits and stares at the corner of the tank unless something makes him move. I worry about him but he hasn't died on me yet.?? Maybe yours is still freaked out from all the stress of moving who knows how many miles in just a few days. I'm not a new fish QT expert by any means.
Good idea.? The pipe fitting won't give ICK a place to anchor.? I'll pick one up today when I buy the pond pump.
Well, we were just talking about my cardinal and my daughter called me to let me know he was floating around the tank unable to move. I told her to go ahead and pull him out. Sorry for the little guy, I was trying. I don't know what happened with him. He looked fine, just was not happy or eating. This is the part I hate about this hobby. ??
Posted by: Crotalus?I have some 3" pipe so I cut a couple of chunks.? Darn it.? PVC pipe floats.? ? said:
Yes the pipe will float, the fittings are heavier and don't float. From what I've seen anyway.
I put a coupling in there.?? He really got upset when I took his rock away.? I turned the lights off and he's exploring now.
Well, you never know.? It's the cheap bright LEDs in the Quarantine tank that he doesn't like.? He's eating now that the lights are off.?
Other than the fish I lost yesterday all my livestock seems happy. The skimmer is pulling very well and I need to trim back the macro in the fuge. I really like the Gyre but I have to restart it sometimes after pausing for feeding. I will contact coralvue about this issue.I've been waiting a couple of weeks for new test kits to come in and finally called the store today. Turns out the order was misplaced and I've been waiting for nothing. Cancelled that order and placed another order from another store. Should be here in a few days.Currently planning out my RO/DI mixing station. Looks like I can plumb it right off the bottom of the input to my tankless water heater. There is a hose bib right there. This is a real bonus. Just need to figure out holding containers and running off the waste water now before ordering from Melev.   I would like to be able to collect as much waste water as possible for the backyard garden and greenhouse we have. I was going to rip all of this stuff out of the yard but my oldest daughter has taken to it so I guess it stays for now.  
Sorry, jumping in a bit later.... But did you say in one of you earlier post that you had a bacteria bloom from a new tank with low nutrient levels? So having your levels too low..... can cause this? I am just setting up a 100g tank and I can't tell if I have micro bubbles, sediment (from Marine Pure in sump), or some kind of bacteria..... 
Yes I did, or at least that what we figured it was. If you have high bacteria and low nutrients it can cause this issue. For me it only lasted a few days. I did nothing to correct it. I had a very low bioload in the tank at the time and had skimmer running and chaeto growing so there was nothing for the bacteria to eat and when this happens apparently they explode. That's my really crude understanding of it. How long has your tank been running now? I think I saw you got it last week or something.
This thread has the discussion about the bloom,.
I was over in Ft. Worth today and stopped by Franks Tanks. Glad I did. What a really nice guy and a great shop. I will make the trip over there again. Picked up some LRS Reef Frenzy food. My fish loved it.