Local dfw diy sources - Post your local places here!

These guys only do mail order service but they are still the cheapest in town.
519 East Interstate Hwy 30, #713
Rockwall, Tx 75087-5408

Please remove "The Altair Company", they were purchased by the Trident group and no long operate their plastics business. (found out today.)

Their Plastics group now does large form factor stuff and ship it in regionally.

However, Allied Plastics, in Carrollton / Farmers Branch area. (in the commercial / warehouse district off Midway Alpha Road area.) Does.

Walk ins welcome.
Metal Supermarket is a good place to get the aluminum tube heatsinks for led set ups like the one steve from stevesleds. I Also, tanner electronics sells the same fans which stevesleds.com offers for the same tubular heatsinks.
2 places I like to go are: Tanners for any electronic stuff you need. (They got it all it seems) And Fergusons for plumbing, I got a bunch of true union ball valves from them at a great price.
north richland hills glass and mirror seems reasonably priced for custom glass cutting. They also have a great selection of glass.

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This started out as such a great thread!!! Wish it would have kept going. I'm in for the DIY LED stuff too!!!
What are you looking for? I may have some parts laying around still I would sell.

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I'm looking for some Heatsink material and LED's...I haven't started with any of it yet. I was hoping that there were local locations for the heatsinks tho. The LEDs I will probably order online....they seem extremely inexpensive per light. (just gets expensive with the number needed lol)

... inventory varies, but it's a great place to wander around and buy too much stuff for too many projects that end up in a box for "later" assembly ( some salvage stuff falls in the "the time to buy it is when you find it" category ).
Any idea on a good place to get Tubing fittings like elbows, bushings or couplers? The small stuff...about to do ATO install.
Drip Irrigation at Home Depot is 1/4" tubing. They have some parts. And I just saw this in my email.
Where's the best place to buy acrylic cement locally? Is there anywhere i can walk in and buy a can of Weld On?