Local dfw diy sources - Post your local places here!

[Hey guys,

I thought it might be a good idea to gather up some local sources for DIY supplies in the DFW area. I'm thinking everything from plywood to acrylic to plumbing. I'de like to assymble a list and pinn in in the DIY forum. I'm a big DIY'er so I have a couple that I have found:


Atlas Scrap Iron & Steel Processing CO
9506 South Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75241
(972) 225-4221

Notes: Good scrap yard, steel is 15 cents a pound, and I found plenty to make a stand for my 360, and they have new sales on the other side of the scrap yard.


Plywood & Door Manufacturers Corporation
3200 Irving Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75247
(214) 631-8458

Notes: They have 1" thick birch Plywood (along with lots of other stuff) in 4X8 sheets for about $60/sheet. Great for building a really nice looking stand with lots of strength.


Altair Company (Acrylic source w/everything you need)
3101 Longhorn Boulevard, Richardson, TX 75080
(972) 231-4665
(972) 231-4665 (fax)

Notes: I need to verify this is the right place (The place I've been to 2 times was at a different location, but same name) Anyway, you can give them dimensions, they will cut the pieces, and they only charge for what you need instead of a full sheet. This is a great place if you just need a small amount or odd sizes.

Allied Plastics Supply Inc ,
4111 Billy Mitchell Dr Dallas,TX 75244-2316

Notes: Other members have used this company and found the prices to be about the best around.
From Other Members:
Glass Source:
had a great experience and found the best pricing from:

L D Glass & Mirror (972) 436-3787
751 S Mill St, Lewisville, TX 75057

Add yours so we can compile a list.

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[Elliot's Hardware -- great for esoteric plumbing parts, plus many other items. Way more selection than home depot -- all the way around, but for plumbing they are not in the same league.

Threaded unions were cheaper than HD, but ball valves are more expensive. Go figure.

Elliot's even carries acrylic tubes and rods.

Do check the hours, they are closed on Sundays and close during the week at 6pm!

Three locations:

4901 Maple Avenue (at Motor St)
Dallas, Texas

108 W. NW Highway (at Main St.)
Grapevine, Texas
Metro(817) 424-1424

2049 Coit Road, Suite 300 (at Park)
Plano, Texas 75075

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[They tend to be a little higher than the catalogs but not by much, plus once you add freight and wait time, I often just buy the bulkheads from them. They have weird hours so you will have to make time to go there. They are one of the biggest pond and pool supply places I have seen yet. They also work on your pumps and tend to have parts for pumps you can't find anywhere else. I will ask James for the name of the place that has Mag Parts, and post it too.

Dicksonson Brothers

204 N Galloway Ave

M-F 8-5:30
Sat. 8-5
Sun. Closed]
[Here's the guy you can buy those TAR Metal Halide Ballasts for $35 from, he is $35 for 250 or for 400watts.

You still have to buy a Spider Reflector, Mogul, cords, plugs and a steel box for the ballast. But he will have alot of it there for you to buy when you get there and is nice enough to tell you how to wire it up too.

Electrical Surplus of Texas 972-579-5552]
Nationwide Plastics in South Dallas has HDPE (same stuff as starboard). They can cut it to your specs. Not sure on color, I just got white.
@spectre wrote:
[Whiz-Q Stone [url=http://www.whiz-q.com]www.whiz-q.com[/url] [url=http://www.whiz-q.com/prices/boulders.htm]http://www.whiz-q.com/prices/boulders.htm[/url] Tufa rock for $0.20/lb. This is a calcite pumus. Seed and cure and it will be live rock real fast. -- Patrick] said:
I went to Whiz-Q-Stone yesterday and bought the last four pieces of tufa. I asked when they would be getting any more in and they said it would be spring if they ever got any at all. Does anyone know of another place to get tufa? Thanks.
Where can plastic screws/bolts be found. I searched through some of the plastic vendors with no luck.

I am building an auto top off system and need plastic screws/bolts and nuts so I can make the float switch holder adjustable.

This doesn't have to be local either. I would almost rather have them shipped if possible.
If you're referring to the lil' plastic/nylon thumb screws that people use on a lotta DIY projects, I've found thse at Home Depot/Lowe's... Lookin the specialty fastener section on the screw/bolt aisle, usually they're in one of the "There's some readdy weird stuff in here!" drawers...
Thanks alot. I would have never guessed that HD or Lowes would have cool stuff like that.

I will give Lowes a try tomorrow.

Thanks again

they have nylon thumbscrews, o-rings, etc.

Go to the nuts and bolts aisle and they have a big chest with all kind of drawers.

They are organized by hardened steel, galvanized, stainless, brass, nylon, etc.

For your magnet needs:

China Magnet Source (CMS Magnetics)
1108 Summit Ave, Suite #8
Plano, TX 75074
for any kind of Plastic or Acrylic, any color in Richardson:

Professional Plastics
1371 N. Glenville Drive
Richardson, TX 75081-2414
800-654-7069 x2001

Kadie Bates is who helped me.

They can provide acrylic as well as bend it, cut it, and router it.
I had my whole 1/4" thick 19" Tall, 10" Wide, 6" Deep internal overflow box with teeth made for $50