JenkinsCrew BioCube 14 build - First Rodeo

All the fishes are doing well and the corals are growing

Since I am setting up the 100 gallon, my thought is to keep the left tank a clown/anemone tank and move everything else to the 100 gallon and make the right tank a quarantine tank for incoming livestock. Anyone see any issues with this? I know I will need to acclimate everything to new tank once ready to move. Is there anything special I would need to do to the right tank to make it a QT? Like should I strip it down and sterilize, then start like a new tank?
From what I have read when I wanted to set up my QT/hospital tank, you won't need to scrub it but you will want to take everything out of it including the sand and rock. If you ever have to dose in it, the sand and rock can trap or absorb chemicals and then bad things can happen. They also just recommend running simple sponge filters only. I am not sure what filtration you have on there, but you should be able to make it work. Most don't recommend running carbon either. The fact that it is already cycled is a good thing. Once you pull everything out, it should be good to go. My main concern would be the size. Will be fine if you only plan to QT small fish, but you might look at just getting a cheap 20+ with a heater and sponge filter. I found a good deal on a 40g breeder at PetSmart. I wanted to be able to put anything in there for a month or so. Good luck!
Love the dual tank setup. Will be a shame to see one stripped down into a QT

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Thanks for the input Eric! Should be easy for me to do then. Hmmm...decisions decisions.

Yeah I know, was thinking about that too. Still love the nano, thats why I want to keep the one going. Just thinking how nice and easy a biocube would make as a QT. I really want to make sure all the incoming livestock is good to go before it goes in the big tank and will only put in small fish. I also kinda want to keep the spirit of this nano reef and put it in one of the front corners seperate from the new aquascape as an island, just so I feel like I still have my original setup. Plus setting up a fourth tank as a qt in the house isn't going to be easy to find a spot out of the way.

It will be a month or two, so I still have time to ponder and get input.

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QT doesn't have to stay up all the time. With a 100 gal tank you will not be using the QT that much. A ten or twenty gal tank is a WC. So add water from the 100 or use fresh made each time you add a new fish or corals. :) does make you plan and not impulse buy.
Of course if you use one of the 14gal tanks for an anemone tank you are going to upgrade anyway. (Wise comment from the anemone hoarder)
Hmm didn't think about that...might just do that. Wonder if I could keep my bag of Matrix biomedia from the biocube in the sump of the new tank to keep the bacteria going and then just put in back in biocube when I have water in it as a QT?

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Newest edition to the left tank,a SRBTA. It likes to hide in the cave at night and come out during the day. It found the perfect spot cool!

Nice! Hopefully it will stay put. I've had bad luck with my RBTAs always picking spots where I can't even see them

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Yep got lucky! I had it on top of the rocks with my Anemone trainer cage. Woke up the next morning and it had slithered its way into the cave and was like crap..oh well...then the next day it stretched out and looled lile this. Very happy!

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Well this weekend I will be moving into my new house. Luckily I only have to move the 2 small tanks, as I opted to wait to setup the 100 gallon for after the big move. Unfortunately, I still have to tear them both down and set them both back up, crossing my fingers for a smooth move. Will post picks after the move.
With your planning skills and detail I bet it goes smoothly. Just remember you an never have too much water on the ready!

The left tank got re-aquascaped...I added a clay pot to the cave...maybe one day the clowns will breed and lay eggs in there. I know there is a ton to know and do for that, but at least that part is setup

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The view when I am lying down at night... [img]//[/img] alt=""> said:
The glow coming in under the door - is that the light from the big tank??? :)