Dosing pump died after 15 years


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I used to try those parasitic pumps and one day I while out at MAX on the west coast found a used [Pulsafeeder's Chem-Tech Series 100D motor driven diaphragm metering pump and it has been running for 15 years plus without ANY maint whatsoever, and noticed my levels dropping last week, also noted the pump sounded labored, well the motor finally quit, seems to have a winding gone as just fights to not turn while energized but turns free when off.]So what did I do, I found a new old stock one on ebay for $150 shipped. So glad I found another dual pump setup, and it's the exact same model so no changes needed. I bought mine used so to last 15 years plus is quite the testament for these industrial pumps. SO if your tired of your repairing your parasitic type doser I'd highly recommend these. I know they don't have any computers to drive them but my apex runs it just fine with the ability to adjust each channel they work great. And they can pump up like 20' with no head loss , no surprise since they are rated to 75psi . 
They are serious industrial pumps designed for moving fluids at high pressures . Being diaphragm they work forever, and my pumps themselves are still good just the AC motor finally gave up , they use SS check balls as valves and have never clogged or needed cleaning. I tried parasitic types and after much frustration and 2 part getting pumped all over the place when the lines popped off or clogged. They come in single or dual and each can be independently controlled for volume. Rated at 1 liter per hour or 13 Gallons per day I run mine for like 20 secs every hour at about 50% volume on my 90 so these could handle size system by varying run time.  I can't imagine any tube type running for much more than year without maint , atleast all I tried failed monthly and were never accurate in delivery , esp the ALK solution. They seem to have newer models with digital control but I'm not into that, my apex works mine fine and has defaults to shut dosing off incase PH is too high etc. Be advised that off ebay these run about $350 + for the dual setups , hence why these last so long. But if you can find them at $150 I think they are worth that.
well now I'm not sure, plugged in new pump, as in brand new at 3pm yesterday, at 6pm Bedford Fire dept was at my door, called by my alarm system, I was enroute asap when I got text from them about a house fire. I found new pump melted, upon review it looks like that port on apex EB has a constant 120V , even though it turned pump on and off it apparently was forcing ebough current thru it to over heat it, not enough current to turn it on but enough to cause it to overheat.It's port 3 which is on an SCR but again have used it this way for years, I checked other ports and they show only 1-2vac when off, this port shows 120vac . I emailed Neptune. I assume that port has gone bad. Lucky my house and dogs are still OK. I had a house fire 6 years ago because an ozone gen failed. Not sure about my system now.
I am looking for a doser, was considering the GHL 2.1 doser. How exactly do you control this one from an Apex?, I have GHL but seems like you are controlling it generically so it should work as well. I don't know of anything that is made today that lasts 15 years period lol, this thing sounds incredible.