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Bill, it looks fantastic. You are doing an excellent job.
Thanks for the comments! Yeah there's a couple of SPS growing in there left over from my nano tank. That blue tort really does well with all of the softies! [smilie=clapping.gif]

Speaking of softies I picked a yellow finger leather from Stanley about a month ago that's slowly recovering. This leather was real a show coral at one time, so I'm hoping to bring it back to life. Here's a pic from a few weeks ago:
I think I recognize a chalice frag in the background there [smilie=wink.gif]

Your setup has been a great inspiration for going bigger and better!
Quick update: Flatworm Exit success!

These little things have just been multiplying over the past year and a half and were really becoming an eye sore. I did a lot of reading and was really freaked about horror stories I found online, but wow it was easy. They were 100's dead in a matter of minutes and so far my tank has seen no ill effects from it. Extremely pumped!

I'll try to get some pics up soon.
I tried, but that exercise was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. My small hose siphon didn't have enough vacum to pull them off the rocks, so I ended up just treating the tank as is with the recommend dosage.

I've also been running carbon for the last 24hrs and have a 20% water change on standby. [smilie=wink.gif]


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your tank is looking looking awesome Bill
normally i'm not much of a leather fan but your tank has me wanting to check into a couple
do you have a post that list the ones you have?