blide - 150g of Inwall Entertainment

Great looking tank. I could never keep my sump area that clean. What temperature does your tank/wine room run?
Sorry for the long over due update. The tank seems be doing well with only a few minor issues (Calcium is high and my Alk is stuck at 6 kdh). I've tried baking soda for about three weeks and it always falls back to this amount in 24hrs, so there's something going on. My calicum is high (500) and I've been adding magnesium to try and break bond, but it seems to be holding on and won't break so I'm going to a steady water change schedule to hopefully get things back in line.

Other than that not much has changed. Although, I did found out why my birdsnest colonies died about 7 months ago. I was talking with the neighbor a few months back and he was telling how he fixed my fish syrnge feeder tube while I was on vacation and how he used some swimming pool lube around the rubber seal to make it work better. I was like "Oh that's what happened!" it was so odd to me that only my birdsnest colonies died and nothing else and after that story it made perfect sense. Oh well I'm thankful he helps me out, but now I make sure to leave notes to not add anything to the tank. [smilie=hi.gif]

Here's some new pics to revive the thread! [smilie=rofl.gif]
Looks great! Everything is filling in very nicely. What is that blue acro in the middle there?

Sorry to hear you lost your birdsnest . . . but guess what? That frag you gave me way back when is pretty dang large at this point. Let me know when you want me to break off a good sized piece for you.
The wife took this picture with her iPhone a couple of weeks ago and just thought I would share with everyone. It's always a good thing when the little ones love looking at the fish tank!

I also just realized it's been a long time since I've posted an update, so I'll try to get more pics up soon.
Sorry for the long delay in pics! Finally after a year here's a couple of FTS to bring this thread alive again. [smilie=rofl.gif]
Looks great Bill. Guess we'll see you again in 12 months. ;)