6ft long 70 gallon tank

Got my magnet rock shelf. Covers the 12" overflow well

@nate_cain wrote:
Sweet tank!! What makes you prefer the MP-40 over the WP-40? Is it the performance said:
I prefer the looks and the performance. The wp40 has a much narrower flow. The mp40 creates a strong undertow and moves a much wider column of water
That is a very good looking tank. I usually dont like the long narrow tanks but I do like this one. Great job!!

Im glad that you got the lights fixed looking at that was making me nervous...lol
The tank has been neglected some. Only have 3 fish in it currently and have no motivation to keep up with it. Here is a recent shot of it. Im probably going to be selling it very soon.

I was thinking about a 6 foot tank with similar dimensions to yours, I like not having to do such big water changes, but a 6 foot tank looks appealing to me, I also think height is not very useful, which is why I would never get a standard 90, The standard 75 that I have was the best compromise, but I might get a shallow tank like yours in the future, I just want to keep the total water volume less than 90, so it is easier to manage.
Tank, stand, all livestock, corals, and rocks are sold! I would have posted it on here but I guess you have to be a member to post a for sale thread? Still have some equipment left though. Sad to see it go but Im free of responsibility for now. Maybe a new tank will be in my future. We will see.