6ft long 70 gallon tank

Im bringing it in the house tomorrow and going to do the plumbing. Stain and poly is done. Ended up using ebony colored stain and a semi gloss poly.


looks like all that fun paid off :p
Great choice on the color
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Thanks for helping me get the tank in the house PJracer. [img]http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e44/daveg99/20130702_113157_zps9d027b8b.jpg[/img] alt=""> said:
Not a problem. Can't wait to see lights and water in it. Better yet fish and corals.
Built two durso drain pipes and I have one return.

Plumbing is attached. Havent glued it in yet though

Sump is in place
go with a true Herbie style overflow with the valve on one line and the other a back-up .. so much quieter! You will not regret it ... otherwise, the tank looks great and the stand is awesome ... going to be very cool in that room ... what lighting are you going with?
Im going to use another maxspect razor 160watt fixture. You can link them together with connecting rods so you only have to use one set of hangers for two fixtures. Im placing the order for the other fixture today. Ill just keep my corals on one side of the tank for now until the new light comes in.

i have never run a herbie style overflow. I have heard good things about it but Im thinking water draining down only one pipe would make more noise at the sump level where it splashes into the sump. With two drain lines it will split the water draining into two pipes which theoretically should quiet things down vs all the water draining down one pipe.
With the Herbie you need to submerge the pipes under the water surface in the sump, but, is significantly quieter than the Durso ... it is truly silent ... the difference is that there is no air introduced into the drain line with the Herbie so you don't get any noise ... I have setup up probably 5-6 tanks with the Durso style and changed to the Herbie on this last one .. it is night and day difference

Nice write up. Im tempted to try out the herbie style.
Get blue rain or shine pvc glue or solvent... has a primer in it to help prime the pipe and also sets up and cures much faster... I am a lisenced plumber and use it all the time... works way better

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I think I might look into the herbie overflow. Seems like it may be a better choice. I am looking for a quitter overflow.
Hooked up the herbie but had to use a crappy lowes ball valve. Tomorrow im going to find a gate valve. You were right its very quiet! And no bubbles
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Hooked up the herbie but had to use a crappy lowes ball valve. Tomorrow im going to find a gate valve. You were right its very quiet! And no bubbles said:
very nice right? they say you can get by with a ball valve, but, I think a gate valve is necessary ... enjoy
Live stock was moved over Sunday. Tank is crystal clear and doing great. Im picking up a gate valve tomorrow. I also have another maxspet razor light on its way. Right now only half the tank is lit up. I will post pic once I get the other light mounted.