6ft long 70 gallon tank

I pick up my second razor light fixture today. I was in Florida on a diving trip and they tried to deliver it twice when I wasn't home. Once I get it hooked up Ill take some pics tonight. Havent taken pics because only half the tank is lit right now and aquascaping isnt right because all the corals are on one side of the tank.
The water is a little cloudy from moving rocks.


Not sure yet. I plan on adding a couple more fish so I wont add much more rock if any at all. Im also planning on adding some corals that move.
Added an mp40 today. Took off the mp10 and koralia 1400 from one side. So Im running a WP-40 and an MP40. One of these days I may add another mp40 on the other side and ditch the wp-40.

I also added a Royal Gramma but he seems to be in hiding for the past 2 days. He is living in a hole in one of the rocks. Comes otu to eat and then goes right back in the hole.

Took about 2/3rds of my sand out today and did a 10gal water change. Replaced it with reef flakes. Reef flakes is so much more like a real reef sand. Plus it doesn't blow around like crazy. I love this stuff
I went with the reef flakes size....lol Its the perfect size and it feels very similar to what is on the bottom of a real reef.

Tropic edens sand sizes.........
rubly reef
reef flakes
grand select

Got the new redesigned razor connecting rods today. They are shipping them completely free to all the people that bought the old style rods that sagged in the middle. It makes a huge difference now. They work a lot better than the old ones. The new rods are shiny stainless steel, longer, and much more heavy duty. I put them up and they do a lot better job than the old ones. See the pics to judge for yourself.

Before (old rods)

after (New Rods)