Platinum Clownfish EGGS


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My Maine Blizzard clownfish are laying eggs RIGHT NOW for the first time. I think they wanted to lay the eggs in the *tang's* tunnel. There was encroachment and chase going on for hours yesterday ... tang won.

As usual, it wasn't expected and I wasn't prepared. They are attached to a rock so not sure if there is any hope this time around.

See pics ... love it! Can't miss them ... they are BRIGHT orange ... but I've put arrows at location anyway.


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If you're ready when they hatch, you can siphon them out using a flashlight and a piece of tubing. Shine the flashlight at the surface of the water. They will swim to where they see the light and you can get them that way. You won't get them all but you can get a pretty good number that way.


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@rickyb wrote:
Congratz! Thanks for sharing. said:
[smilie=hi.gif] This was VERY short lived! All eggs are gone! I'm guessing the crabs had a feast???

@mwilk19 wrote:
If you're ready when they hatch said:
I have a CPR Larvae collector ... I purchased this for the blennies but never used it. Not sure they would make it to that stage next time around ... I'm thinking of getting the cone (hoping they use it for the eggs next round) and then putting it in the refugium.

I've got some reading to do I guess!
lay a piece of tile with the back facing up where they normaly lay their eggs after they lay them place them in an incubator of sorts with a bubbler under them at 80-85degrees. 10 gallon works good as fry tank. if u have any questions ive been breeding for years. let me know.