PJ's 265 Tank Build

Does anyone know the math that goes into creating a wood stand for something similar? I have a 240 long i'm wanting to make a stand and cannopy for. What you did PJ looks awesome!! my tank is acrilic so i dunno if i would need more weight support from the middle or not.
This weekend I am finishing my canopy. A few months ago I was talking to another member about neverwet. A new product featured on reef builders. I had done some research and was going to use it inside my canopy to waterproof it. I was getting some supplies this weekend at lowes and guess what I found. That's rite. Neverwet. I am going to have it all finished up this weekend I hope and I will be able to try it out.

Their are some cool videos online. Check them out.
Got to go spend some time today with another member. Picked up some nice Frag's.

Can't wait to get them in the tank and see how they look under my lights.
It's alive. I spent the weekend getting my canopy swapped out. Now all the lights are up. My tank looks like it is hooked up to a heart monitor.
@K_Red_Raider wrote:
I know that you are busy but when you get a chance give us an update of the LEDs with and without the optics said:
I will have to find my before an after reedings but the difference is the light is focused better with optics improving the par.
I dont think that room is big enuff cuz if you are like us everything is done in front of the tank now so that we dont miss anything...lol

Looks even better with the canopy on.