My Waterbox 20 Cube

I haven’t seen a lot of topics on waterbox cubes. So, I figured I would start a build of everything and try to commit to keeping it updated as much as possible.
current equipment
dc pump
tunze ATO
150w aqueon heater
skimz SH1 skimmer
redsea 50 with arm mount
jebaeo wave maker
U.V. Sterilizer (shipped eta weds.)
brightwell media blocks
flurry clown
black ice clown
misc. Clean up crew
kryptonite candy canes
branching hammer
rainbow montipora
superman monti 
assorted zoas 
unknown green acropora
Looks like you have a good plan. I purchased a INT-50 from DNA that I plan to use for my Rainbow Anemones, but that's as far as I gotten, lol.
I'm surprise you don't have a wrasse listed.
So I got some chaeto from a friend and cut a cup to funnel flow in back chamber into cup and through chaeto. A led full spectrum grow led bulb and a 6 clamp light will work until I get my submersible refugium light.