Making Your Own Food


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 Hey everyone. I have been thinking about putting together my own food. I know I can do it on my own, but am wondering if there is anyone else that also would be interested in doing it as well. Would help keep the cost low and get a lot of food to feed our fish. If interested I am in Rowlett. I found some recipes online and all we have to do is order a few items online and we should be good to make our own food for our tank. Just reply with a way to contact if interested.Just tired of going to the LFS to get food that only last a little while.
It doesn't take a long time to do it and it does make a lot. If u make it I bet u can sell a bag of it here and there to other members that dont have the time to do there own.  You could post what all u used in it so the members would know what they are getting. I would buy some from u but I am to far out just to get some food but if u had it made and I was in town Id get some to bring home.  If u make it drop me a line and ill get some on my next trip to Dallas.
I make my own food, but it doesn't really save much dough as it's made mainly of fish store foods.  Does seem to provide good variety and fish health though.
This is lilyhayes1401 (had to get access to my original account mitch91175). I am going to start out with culturing live food. I have my cultures of tisbe copepods and phyto coming in and getting everything setup this week. I figure live food would be a great way to start trying to self-sustain some of the feeding and supplement with frozen.I will let you guys know how it goes and if everything works out (at least with the phyto cultures I will have some for sale/trade more than likely). Wish me luck.
Thanks Chris. I already use half of it in my display to feed my pods. Started another batch with half of what I had from the original. Will be repeating the feeding half of what I pull from the culture to the tank the first week and the 2nd half a week later when I am ready to pull some more from the culture.
I've made my own food. I buy beef heart and grind it fine in the food processor with some garlic cloves. I also buy nori sheets at the grocery store for my tangs.