Just joined

Ok finally i have joined DFWMAS as a member [smilie=wink.gif] I will need someone to mail my membership since i wont be able to make the regular meetings.
Glad to have ya. Pm marc and let him know to you'll need it mailed.
@Wes wrote:
welcome to the club! hope yall enjoy your new section! said:
Thanks Wes. I think we will and hopefully get some people together and get a group/club going. I cant believe you all did this for us few here in Wichita Falls.

@robro3282 wrote:
i just joined and it still shows im a guest [smilie=crying.gif] said:
Not sure what you're talking about [smilie=wink.gif] [smilie=itwasntme.gif]
lol im a premium member now yiiiiiiiippppppyyyyy!!!!!!!! [smilie=rofl.gif] lol but i wounder if i still get some free corals lol [smilie=wink.gif]
lol but i wounder if i still get some free corals lol [smilie=wink.gif] said:
Uhmmm, yeah.....Mr. Premium Member, come over and lets bag up some animals for ya!

Congrats to the both of ya!
We'll get something together for WF, no sweat.
@Mike-N-Deb wrote:
I wish I would stop showing up as a guest....BTW anyone going to the frag swap tomorrow? said:
Pm marc if you already paid and he will fix it. What frag swap are you refering to?