I need some ideas on how to build a lightweight canopy .


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I would like it to look nice. I have leds to hang over the tank but my canopy isn’t tall enough to hang them in. So rather then fixing my canopy to make it work,I thought we could start fresh. Something that will hide the lights from our eyes. Something lightweight so I don’t need to call someone over to help me remove the canopy. Maybe  a aluminum frame then something like a Plexiglas wrap. Any ideas you have would be great help. Ty  
I can take pictures of mine a little later.  James Cox from LoneStar Reef built mine but I don't think he's doing to much of that anymore.   It's very lightweigt and functional.  Shouldn't be to hard to replicate either.
Many years ago I build a hanging canopy with aluminum frame and covered with dark fabric.
Its just a standard canopy for a 240g. It is 8 long 2 wide with 3 doors that lift up on the front.  Its all wood.Pictures would be great Billy, ty.rickyb do u hapen to have any pics of your? 
 Maybe I can use some kind of a pulley system so I can just hang my canopy from the ceiling.I dont know what all I would need and I dont know how heavy the canopy is. Can this be done? If so where would I go to get what I would need ? Would it be to heavy to dangle in the air ?
View attachment 4206I just built this one in about 30 minutes a little while ago. It’s an open on the top design. Very light weight and can be made to your specs pretty easily. If you want to PM me I can explain and send pics of how it is built tomorrow. 
Os we started on the light stand yesterday and only got the cuts done. it started to rain on us so we stopped for the day. We will get it done in a few days and post a pic or two. Nice top JakeFord.  Thank you for your replay.