HM's 110 last upgrade ever

Help me pick some fish! Current stock:Yellow tang2 flurry clowns3 Barletts anthias1 lawnmower blenny Possible new additions:powder blue tang (very concerned b/c of the yellow though)Blue throat triggerRadial or White Spot filefishYellow Blotched rabbitfishGold Spotted rabbitfishSix Line Wrasse I'm open to other options, so let me know what you've got!
Controller is up, let's see what happens!Before
Posted by: Mike R China wrasse said:
I've never heard or seen one of these, why do you like yours?Also, for consideration,Tracey's Damsel x3Azure Damsel x3Talbots Damsel x3
alk - 10.64cal - 480nitrates - 10Po4 - 0.055I'm not sure why but calcification has ground to a halt.  
The China Wrasse has a grid of little blue dots along its body that really glow when the actinics are cranked up.