Feed algae from ATS ?


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Does anyone feed some of the algae from their ATS to their fish?View attachment 1982I put a little in my tank and the tangs seem to like it.If you do, how do YOU feed it? Do you just throw it in or do you have some device to hold it for grazing?I tried putting it on the nori clip, but seems to fall apart with my flow and kinda goes everywhere, so I netted it out. I am worried it might stick somewhere and start growing. LOLIs there a reason I shouldn't feed it?Just thought I would get others thoughts/opinions/ideas.Thanks for any input!


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I'm pretty sure Karim has been recirculating his ATS algae back on to his display for a while now.  I'll let him chime in as to how.


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Sure. My fish have been eating hair algae from my scrubber for months now. I'll post a video if you like. The key is to put it in a large opening plastic net so they can get at it without it falling apart