Clownfish breeding


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Hi All,

My clowns started laying eggs and my kids want to try to raise them. We have most what we need so far and need some help with the rotifer culture. I am unable to find the food for the rotifers in town and i am wondering if anyone had an idea of an alternative to ordering the food online which is very expensive due to shipping.



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Pretty much! I haven't done it but I've been researching it just in case any of my clowns start laying eggs. :)
There are plenty of people in the dfw area who has phyto growing im sure one will find this thread and offer a starter or you can find some on eBay for pretty cheap too
Pick u up a copy of marine aquarium handbook from beginner to breeder by martin a moe Jr it has alot of great info in it for breeding clownfish, also alot of great info period.


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Mztexas on the forum was selling rotifers-he has the famous snowflake clown babies post--- and has an amazing breeding setup--I'm sure he wouldn't mind answering any questions


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 My clownfish laid eggs last night, and I need to setup the breeding tank.It's my first time to do that. Could anyone provide me your experience ? food for them? Thank you Jack