Cabinet Doors


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Hey guys, I'm building my own stand and canopy for my new setup, but need to find someone who can help me build cabinet doors. I sold my router/router table last year so don't have the ability to make the doors now. I'm open to purchasing doors or renting a router to build my own. Just wanting shaker style doors, so very simple.Also, I've built several stands over the years, but never a canopy, so any pics and ideas for canopy ideas I would love to see. I definitely want it closed top and want it to be able to open from the front with doors or the roller hinge. Thanks Thank you. 


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Hello Dustin,I'm in the same process as you but just building a canopy. I'll also be interested in the doors. The last time I build my canopy I ordered the doors online. I'll have to dig for the company I used.


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I have a router never built cabinet doors before if there is anything I can help with I'm available and you can use my router