Baby Picassos


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Thank you for the further details. My current clutch is hatching as we speak and have already begun to use some of your techniques to improve my hatch survival rate. I am pretty sure too said:
GOOD LUCK! And yes I do believe I will ship them (with some type of guarantee of course). I did ship several from the last hatch to a man in Florida and they all made it with no problems so I think I will ship again.

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I just realized you have 3 rbta and 2 carpet anemones said:
Huge controversy here, so just know all tanks are different and what I believe and have done are only my opinions on the subject not fact by any means. It is my opinion that a healthy tank that is large enough and well established can support several anemones with no problem. Anemones are terrible shippers and rarely survive the long journey from the ocean. In my opinion a healthy anemone is actually one of the most hardy things you can put in a tank (Around 1 year ago the RBTAs and blue carpet survived a power outage while we were out of town(not sure exactly how long the power was out). Most of the fish died, and needless to say the water in the tank wasn't ideal. Not to mention the lack of oxygen and light while the power was out.) I think they get a bad reputation because of shipping poorly. You can read of many that do fine when bought from another person that has had it in their tank for many years. In my opinion anemones that are stressed/dying can stess/kill healthy anemones. So when people add anemones to a tank with anemones already in it I believe the stressed anemone can harm the already established anemones. In my opinion if you add anemones already established or that have been quarantined (for months not weeks) they are not stressed the same way that ones making the journey from the ocean to your lfs over the course of a week or so. The RBTA I have was "tank bred" so to speak as it came from a clone of one already tank established. The pink carpet was bought from a man who had bought it from a wholesaler and kept it in his tank for 4 months before I got it. The blue carpet was the only one that hadn't been quarantined and I believe I just got plain lucky on keeping it alive and it not killing the RBTAs. It had many problems when I got it before nursing it back to health and I believe the only reason it didn't kill the RBTAs is they have been in a tank forever and are so tough. If adding stressed anemone like that I believe it is just dumb luck if it survives which is probably why you see so many die and so many people post saying they can't keep anemones. As far as keeping the carpets from eating your fish that's not possible. Most fish know to stay away but hawkfish and other "perching" type fish are definately a no no with carpets. I have never had any fish eaten by my carpets but that doesn't mean they won't. They are extremely sticky and try to catch me on ocassion when I accidentaly bump into them so I'm sure if given the chance by one of the fish they would definately eat them lol. It is a risk I am willing to take as the carpets are with out a doubt my favorite thing of all the saltwater creatures. Sorry lots of rambling on here but to some it up, in my experience if you add healthy anemones to a tank with healthy anemones you won't have a problem. If you add stressed or unhealthy anemones is when you have problems mixing them. The biggest problem is finding anemones that aren't freshly shipped or dying.
Thank you for the information on the shipping and hope it works out to get one from you.

Also, thank you for the information on the anemones. It took me over a year, and several lost anemones, to finally appear to have become successful. I have two rbta's that split after surviving Hurricane Isaac recently, a SRBTA, which looks amazing, and a green bta which I was able to bring back from being bleached when I purchased it. I lost an amazing large rbta earlier this year and I think it was stressed in my tank, other fish stealing its food, and besides losing it to the powerheads, it almost killed one of the small rbta's it was close to. I think your theories are correct as they all appear to be living comfortably with each other in my 75 gallon, even touching for extended periods will no ill effects. I appreciate your information as it changes those prior theories I have read about what can and cannot be done with anemones under the right circumstances.

One last question about the blue gig. I really would not attempt to put one in the tank I have but where would you find one like that? I looked around a bit and did not see any available anywhere that I could find. Thanks again, I really appreciate the info.


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@megwood wrote:
One last question about the blue gig. I really would not attempt to put one in the tank I have but where would you find one like that? I looked around a bit and did not see any available anywhere that I could find. Thanks again said:
I got it from a local fish store so I wouldn't know where to begin to tell you where to look sorry.

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Put my name on the contact list when they are ready to be sold. Thanks! said:
There won't be any contact list but I will let everyone in here know before I put them in the for sale forum so everyone that is following this will have the first shot at the new fish I post each time.

Here's a quick video of the clowns from last week (watch in HD)
My daughter loves your baby clowns. She is asking me weekly to see if they are ready for sale :) . Hopefully, you might have some for coming holidays. I told her she might or might not get them this xmas.


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My daughter loves your baby clowns. She is asking me weekly to see if they are ready for sale :) . Hopefully said:
That is great. I am hoping they will be ready before xmas. Right now at least a few shoud be ready in the next 2-3 weeks, I think. I will definately do my best to try to get one to all those who want one before xmas.

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I need 2 pairs this time said:
I will let you know when they are ready to sell.

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I would also like to look at some when you are ready ! said:
Excellent, I will let everyone know in here before I post them in the for sale forum so you all will have the first shot at buying them.

Ok got a few updates on everything. The clowns are around 3/4 of an inch long some smaller and some larger. I think the larger ones should be ready in the next few weeks. I basically plan on listing them in the for sale forum as they reach close to 1 inch. The clowns are a bit small I don't really worry about them as far as transporting and shipping at a small size, but they will require some extra care in some of the higher flow tanks. I put one in my reef tank and he has done fine but the flow with the MP40 was strong enough that he wouldn't venture out far enough to catch food so I had to spot feed him. I expect many of the smaller clowns will behave this way in a reef tank and thus if you are buying one you might take this into consideration. If you would rather have a larger clown I did hold back several clowns from the last spawn that I'm using to cycle the new growout. Mostly regular clowns, but I also have a few picassos I kept, to take pictures of, to show how they color up as they mature for future reference. I will try to take pictures of these along with the ones from this spawn that will be ready to sell and post them in here when they are ready so you all will have the first shot at them. Then I will post them in the for sale forum.

I split the clowns up into another tank as they were begining to get a little crowded.
This is the 1st tank they started in

Here is the tank some were moved to
Thanks everyone for all your interest in my clowns


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Ok there are some clowns ready to sell but I was busy all day today and I have a lot to do tomorrow so I may not get around to posting them until Monday or so, sorry but I will get them on here as soon as I am able. Thanks everyone


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Ok finally got some pictures of some clowns ready to sell! I'm going to start gathering them all together and start posting them in the for sale forum so I thought I would let everyone know in here that I am going to be starting a for sell post withing the next few hours. So be on the lookout so you can grab the ones you want.

Here is a few teaser pictures of some of the clowns that will be available shortly.

These are the older clowns. You can see they get much more black as they mature.
Normals (I have 8 of these)


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And here is a few of the baby clowns from this clutch that are big enough to sell.


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Ok its been a while since I have updated everyone here. This week I didn't have anymore large enough to sell so I decided I would update this thread instead of posting more for sale. The clowns are begining to develop some black on them which is pretty suprising because it usually takes them much longer to develop in my experience. Anyways they are all doing great. I am keeping up with how many I sell so hopefully once they are all sold I can let everyone know how many there actually were during the whole process.

Here are a couple clowns that you can see the black coming in very nicely. Sorry for the blurry picture they are really fast.

Here are some older clowns from the last clutch I kept. You can compare how the color comes in from the younger clowns into the adult clowns. Much more impressive and colorful as they get older in my opinion. Both pictures below are under leds so my phone camera acts a little funny and you get the blue shadows and stuff but you get the idea.