40 Gallon Breeder

Paint won't be happening this week unfortunately, I've got other things brewing so prepping is all that I'll be able to get done.
Well, not a whole lot of progress has been made on this since my last post. But I felt like it was time to give an update. The inside of the stand has been painted and is looking great. The latch function for the hidden doors works amazingly well. Now I'm waiting for a string of warm days without rain to get some stain sprayed onto the canopy and the skin of the stand. Then it's all up to the flooring guys to get the floors down in the room that this tank will be in. It's killing me that everything is just sitting around just waiting to be reassembled but that is the stage I'm at unfortunately. 
Ok, things have finally been happening on this build. The new floors are finally installed which is allowing me to get it all set up. The stand and canopy are painted. The rock is cured and placed. The tank is filled. It all has fish food and turbo start in it and I'll be placing my lone surviving fish in it within the week hopefully. I'm loving the new Apex and I'll probably be adding a few other Neptune pieces before all is said and done. I'm so excited to finally have more realestate for corals and ease of access with the 40 breeder replacing the 28 biocube. The close up.
The wide shot
 Edit:Oh yeah! My RODI storage and mix station is up and running now too. I can hold way more water than I currently need thanks to 2 44 gallon brutes.
Just a quick update, with a small bit of eye candy. The fish are still camera shy but I'll get them when I can. Yea, there is some algae in there... but that's on its way out. I built a Turf Algae Scrubber and added it to the sump... just waiting for the screen to properly mature. Tank Overview
 Green Birds Nest
 Sand Dollar Porites
 APEX Makes things easy!
  EDIT: The fish came out to play once I backed off the glass for a few minutes. The Clown
 The Yellow Tang
As a matter of fact. Yes, there are... The yellow tang was delivered with HLLE but was eating like a champ when he first went into the tank. Then he quit eating no matter what I tried to feed him and he died yesterday. :(On the brighter side, everything else is doing great. I've even added in some more coral putting my coral total up to 9 pieces. Then under the tank, the Algae Turf Scrubber screen is starting to cover over with algae. Hopefully, it will shortly take over for my algae covered back and side walls as the main nutrient export method. Up top:
 Down Below:
Looking great! What kind of ATS do you have?Sorry for your loss, loosing fish sucks. Happens to everyone so keep your head up.
Oh, I'm not afraid to lose a few fish. It's an unfortunate part of the hobby. The ATS is a custom built setup that I built to snuggly fit into the custom 20 gallon long sump that I built. It has roughly 44 sq. in. of mesh above the water line and 22 sq. in. below the water line. I'm using a flexible, waterproof LED "Grow Light" strip that I bought on amazon for about $15 that was originally used on a chato reactor. I have also used the same lights to run another successful ATS on the tank I had before this one. The housing I built out of acrylic which was then spray painted black to keep the light pollution down to a minimum and its supplied water by a mj900.A couple of side notes...The lights are closer to the screen than my previous ATS so hopefully, I don't end up with too much light.The mj900 that is feeding the ATS is in the last compartment of the sump so I'm not feeding it maximum nutrients like I should be since some of the water is going through the skimmer first but I'm happy with the way it's working so far.Also... I bought a pistol shrimp and a Randall's shrimp goby so I'll be keeping an eye out for the pair to find each other.  Edit:I'll gladly help you out with planning if you in the market to build one.
Very nice, sounds like an awesome setup. I currently am using a used Santa Monica float version from another member and It's doing well. I know eventually I will need something more substantial and will probably go DIY so definitely might hit you up. Keep up the great work!
Posted by: Chris Very nice said:
Yeah... the Lights I was using didn't take a small power surge very well. It literally burned up a section of them. I'm trying out a different route now. So, we'll see how it goes...In other news. I've been slowly adding the rest of my old corals into this tank along with some new ones.  I also added a Yellow Eye Kole Tang. Just another fish or two and that'll be it for the fish stock. As far as corals go... I'll be getting rid of some of the corals I currently have if they don't start looking much better. I'll also be adding more as the tank matures. The plan is for this to be an SPS dominated tank with a few LPS down low. 
 P.S. Hey Chris would you mind changing the title of this post to "Eno's 40 Gallon Breeder"