40 Gallon Breeder


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Ok, so I guess I'll go ahead and post this... I started into the aquarium hobby with a 125 gallon planted tank with great success over a few years. Now, I've had to sell that tank and start over on a smaller scale in a new home. And instead of planted I've come to the marine side. I currently have a JBJ 28 Nano with thriving fish and struggling corals. It has Chinese LEDs on it which I'm pretty sure are the problem... But enough about the old system... And on to building the new.?I currently only have room for a 40 gallon breeder. But I plan on doing a 120 later on down the road once we move into a different house so I'm building this with the idea of using as much as possible from this build for the 120 build as well. So, I currently have the stand frame, sump and plumbing done. I still need to complete the stand fa?ade and the entire canopy. I'm using a 20 long as a sump which is completed just finishing up the silicone cure. When I get back in town I'll be finishing up the stand and canopy.?So, without further ado here are the Current pics.View attachment 496
Like the plumbing on it good job. ?Only thing I'd do is paint the back black so you don't see the plumbing and take away from the reef
Oh, the glass is definitely getting painted black.?I'm actually on vacation in Colorado right now. I just had a bit of down time so I thought I'd get a thread started.
Oh haha then you are all set.Just outta curiosity, is your avatar a character from EVE? ?If not it looks like it should be.
Haha. It definitely is. "EnoOnraefi" was born into the eve universe and has slowly taken over my online presence. Haha odly enough though... That avitar is not EnoOnraefi, but the alt that has taken over as my main. Haha.?
Good looking setup! Can't wait to see it up and running. Do you know what lights you are going with yet? Keep those posts coming as you go and keep up the good work!
Oh yea. I have pretty much everything sitting at the house waiting on the sump to finish curing and for me to finish building the canopy. I'll find the list of goodies and post it up in a bit.
Tank - Aqueon 40G BreederSump - Aqueon 20G LongController - Neptune Apex?In the tank:Maxspect - Gyre XF230Kessil - AP7002 x 24 Watt T5 HO Dimmable Retrofit Kit2 x 24W - 24? T5 ATI True ActinicSynergy Reef - 16" Shadow OverflowDual lockline returns through back bulkheads?As you know the 40G Breeder is not a reef ready setup so I drilled the back of the tank for the Shadow Overflow and then drilled two more holes for the return bulkheads. Otherwise its pretty standard. It'll soon be painted black on the back and quite possibly the left side which will be against a wall.??In the sump:2 x 8" Felt filter socksReef Octopus Classic 152-SAccu-Therm 300W Submersible HeaterEcotech Marine - Vectra M1?I custom built the sump so it has a custom baffel setup with 1/4" glass for the baffels and 1/4" acrylic to hold the filter socks. The last set of baffels between the main chamber and the return pump will have diffuser grid and coarse filter sponge in it to filter out any remaining bubbles and serve as a place to put carbon bags and any other bagged filter media. I also have a DIY cheto reactor that I will probably be adding on over the sump if I can figure out how I want to mount it and how to keep the light contained so that there isn't any light bleed into the sump.?Pretty much everything in the setup is overpowered for a 40G setup since I plan on using it all for a 120G on down the line but it's all capable of being dialed back.I'll do my best to keep this updated, but feel free to request updates.
Looking good. Is that silicon tubing on your return? If so where did you get it, if you don't mind me asking? ?I'm working on flow for my tank now, curious to see what you think of the maxpect gyre.
The silicone tubing I ordered from bulk reef supply.As far as the gyre goes I don't have a whole lot to go on in this tank yet since it's still just water... However my brother-in-law has 250s on his tank and he loves them. So that's why I picked the 230 up for my tank.
Sweet, always nice not having to go hunt down and find leaks, nice job! Stand and canopy look great. Are you going to stain or paint them?Let us know how you like the Gyre once you get it up and running. I am contemplating on getting 2 of the 230s myself.
Finally?finished building the stand, all it needs is a bit of sanding and paint. The canopy needs a few pieces of trim then it's ready for the same treatment.A few days ago I started to figure out how I was going to mount all the lights and next thing I knew I had wired it all too... Haha, oh well. I guess the cables for the retrofit T5s are getting painted too... Once I get everything sanded it'll be a waiting game trying to find a window in the weather to paint...View attachment 662
Wow looking good! Yep you'll have to tape off those fixtures for the light before painting now, but should look clean once painted. I probably would have done the same thing, ha!You going to paint the back wall at the same time as the stand/canopy?I can already tell this is going to look so nice.
The back of the tank was painted tonight. The second picture shows what it looks like. The odd hole in the paint in the middle of the tank is going to be covered by the shadow overflow.
Oh I see now! That does look great. Your moving along nicely! Looks like Wednesday might be your best day this week for paint. :p