Wicked's 40 Breeder Build


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 Well, tanks been up for just over a month and I wasn't happy with certain aspects of my build, so..........65 RR got purchased last night, new build to follow, I'm planning  on taking the 40 Breeder and drilling it after I get the 65 setup and connect it all together and use it as a frag/oddity tank with a 55 as a sump/fuge, could use some advise on a decent affordable return pump that can handle both tanks as I don't know how many gallons per hour I'm going to need to be looking for.

Mike R

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For affordability, adjustability, and energy savings, I’d suggest the Jebao DCT line of pumps.  Low power consumption, 10 different speeds so you can dial in your desired flow, dissipates very little heat into the water column, and has a feed mode feature.  Also, the pumps have a slow (ramp up) start up feature that prevents bubbles/splashing.