Wicked's 40 Breeder Build


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 Hi all, been out of the hobby now for about 6 years, got to talking to someone and the bug hit, so here I am, round 2, picked up a tank at Petco for half price so off to a great start.
Started immediately researching lights and the advances in LED products is fantastic, I was initially going to go cheap on the lights and was looking at Current USA's products which had a lot of really nice perks but overall I had to many questions about quality of light I would get.....so I eventually found my way to Reefbreeders and found the Photon 24-V2 (pictured above) I don't think I will have any issues running much of anything with these.
View attachment 3355got the Seachem Tidal Filter by Sicce 55 Gallon, this is what I will be running with poly filter and carbon, I will be running this as a skimmerless system, I know some might not agree but I've done some research and this is the route Im going to try.
View attachment 3356went and dug out all my old live rock I had stored (6 or 7 years of hoarding this stuff has now paid off lol) got about 40 or 50 pounds left sitting off to the side but after playing with it for a few minutes I liked these specific rocks, ones is even a piece of seed rock I picked up from a member back then at some huge frag swap in Ft Worth, at a garden center or something, I can't quite remember but I really liked the piece a lot. I have an order coming from Marcorocks with one of their Pedestal rocks and about 15 more pounds of their Key Largo rock (wanted the free shipping)
 well, I'm a bit far out on my stocking plans as of yet, I live about 2 and a half to 3 hours from Dallas, I'm planning a trip there when taxes come in, until then I'm just going to put in a couple of Banggai cardinal's and a pair of Clowns and cleaner shrimp, then add the cleanup crew. Eventually Id like a Midas Blenny and a yellow tang and if I can find them I saw some Carribean blue chromis? that I would really like to add, maybe about 3 of them, Coral wise I'm a huge Zoanthid fanatic, just love those things but mushrooms, pom pom xenia, GPS then maybe after a few months and my tank stabilizes I want to start looking at some LPS and maybe a plate coral of some kind and definitely a clam.
Sounds like a good plan! I have some mushrooms, kenya tree and gsp you can have when your ready. If interested just let me know when your gonna be in the area and we can plan something.
That sounds like a plan! lol, any freebies is greatly appreciated, I will also be looking for a decent piece of seed rock for the tank when I make my trip up there, still quite a few months off but am eagerly planning it.
View attachment 3380 Got my order in from Marco rocks, Pedestal piece with 15 pounds extra added to the order, the pedestal was enormous compared to what I thought it was going to be but ultimately I'm very satisfied with it.
Added some of my rock that I had been sitting on and came up with a good start, will be adding sand next week on Wednesday after I have painted the wall behind the tank and prepped the area.
Well, got the wall painted...then turned into shampooing carpets, one thing just leads to another I guess.... Got my water container which will hold all of my premade saltwater, I plan on building a cart to move it around with tomorrow, also broke down and ordered a Turbelle Nanostream 6055 Controllable (250-1450 GPH) from BRS with all the Black Friday deals the had going on plus some other miscellaneous stuff.View attachment 3551