Who is skimmerless

[i believe most of the skimmerless systems are utilizing the Ecosystem method with Miracle Mud. I have heard some really good things and likewise some not so good. Here are some posts if interested.

I don't have any personal experience with them but I do love to watch the debate on them. I did a 3 month search on RC as well as RAG, here are some of the posts:




reading those should keep you busy for a while, check out the first link seems to have the best info for making a decision including an analysis of the mud. HTH]
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[i believe most of the skimmerless systems are utilizing the Ecosystem method with Miracle Mud. I have heard some really good things and likewise some not so good. Here are some posts if interested.] said:
[I run skimmer-less and don't use miraclemud either. This is just my personal experience, but I think at some point tank size outweighs the need for it. I planned on adding an ETSS or Euroreef skimmer, but I just never got a measurable amount of nitrates, so (so far) I never did.

I have about 5" to 8" of fine aragonite in the bottom of my tank. It's about 340gal (96x30x25). I use a sump (for circulation really, no medium in it except a sponge I use as a pump pre-filter). And the tank has been up for over a year now with no detectable nitrates on the salifert low-range scale. I feed at least one cube frozen food once a day + some mixed or chopped foods for SPS sometimes. And my personal opinion, judging from this tank, is that my SPS grow better with more suspended nutrients in the water column. I honestly think between DSB and prolific tunicates and fanworms, I get enough filtration.

Of course, I'd never think of doing this if the tank size was under 200gal. or so. I use to have a couple of 40gal. tanks, and I couldn't do enough skimming on those.

Now, everybody can stare at me like I just grew a horn for even suggesting this is possible. ;)]
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Kevin Who [I]are[/I] you?! :D :D :D :D said:
I just posted under the introduction thing. Let's see, how can I put this. I'm the guy who joined about a year ago and doesn't really know anyone. But I always accompany my wife who talks to everyone I think. We're both blond haired, blue-eyed kinda people, and I wasn't at the christmas party, so the last meeting I attended was at the member's home in Southlake a couple months ago. My tank is pretty young in terms of SPS. It's been up for about a year, and I've had just about everything else in it, but I just added the first SPS in about June. I am mainly a frag person, so I've only bought one colony that I got from MACNA, so only one or two things of mine are even near fraggable yet. See you at the next meeting.]

When I asked you "who are you?!" it was in reply to your above statement "Now, everybody can stare at me like I just grew a horn for even suggesting this is possible. ;) "


Hey, I was at that meeting then, but like you, I see a bunch of faces, but names I'm not doing too well with, yet.

Let's see, I know Duane, Barry & Sherry, Brad, Patrick, and Don (I'm assuming he's a member himself... one of the Managers of Planet Pet). Oh, and one other guy whom I always screw up his name, so I guess I don't really know him, do I? :) Oh, and I met Sandy at the last meeting, plus Monica today. I think I still need to get to know about 90 more people, right Brad? :D]
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[Oh! Duh. :p

You know more people than I do. I know a lot of faces, and I've talked to a lot of people, but I can never put a name to a face until I've talked to people several times. I know the officers basically. Brad, Barry, Stan, etc. But I doubt that they really know me, cause we just float around and gab with everybody at the meetings.]
[Then just jump out there and meet us Guy's. I try to speak to everyone that I can. But yet I find my self always not meeting a new member.

I'm sure we talked at Don's right? That was the meeting before x-mas.
Now Marc,
I'm not sure who you are though. Have we meet?

Now back to the topic, My 55 gal skimmerless has no miracle mud. :D]
[I have to say when I first joined the club I didn't know many folks either. When I became President I started doing everything myself because of it. I knew everyones name there for the first couple of years. I really tried to make the social aspect of the club an important part and therefore gained a lot of friends that started volunteering their time and effort. It seemed to have worked, but because of all the help I get, I know less members by name than face now. Stan has made nametags now for all the members and I hope I can get back to that name basis familiarity.

Oh yeah, skimmerless systems... :;): There many different ways to keep a closed system aquarium. I do not think one is neccessarily better than another as long as the person doing the maintinance of the tank knows about that particular systems idiosyncrasies. I think the best system is the one that addresses the needs of the systems inhabitants. Also, I like a system that addresses the potential for disaster. Something (unfortunately) I have become learned about in the last 36 years or so of keeping marine tanks. :O I like the skimmers ability to not only remove suspended particles and organic coumpounds, but also the extra 02 and phosphate exportation capabilities when dosing kalk. I use kalk to keep the PH up during the nightime hours as well.

I have run my systems skimmerless for years before, so I know it can be done, but I do like a good skimmer when I can afford it! :D

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Now Marc said:
I'll need to meet you. I know you go by Alf, but you signed some messages with Robert, so I'll keep my ears open for that name to be dropped.

At the meeting at Planet Pet a few weeks ago, I was the one that talked about the Tunze Turbelle powerhead I'm using, if that helps. You can seek me out so I can meet the man of beautiful tanks! :)

[I run a 6 mangroves and a hang on back refugium from cpr with four diffrent types of macro in it on a 55. The main thing M.M. does is dose iron slowly... soo I didnt pay 50 bucks too use that, on top of that you have too replace it every 6-12 months... I just use live sand! and dose iron suppliment from kent.]