What's wrong with my devils hand leather?


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I noticed my leather has a bunch of little holes and it looks like it's decaying. I checked my perimeters and everything looks fine and all the other corals are ok. Just this one looks really sick. Is there anything I might be able to do to save it.

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Wow haven't seen that before...mine stayed closed for about 2 weeks but started opening again after. Do the polyps extend at all?

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Looks like a flatworms are having a great dinner. Sent from pay phone in the airport. said:
They do appear to look like flatworms don't they? Do you see the white spots moving around on your leather?
I have no experience with flat worms or the damage they can cause to softies. Could it be burns? Did you add anything directly to the tank like Alk or calcium?
For some reason all these messages just now came through. Sorry I wasn't trying to ignore you guy. I haven't noticed anything moving on it but I do know I have bristle worms. I have no experience with flat worms so I'm not sure what I'm looking for here, I may need to look up flatworms. If that is what it is, how can I stop them?

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For Mikes question I do add calcium and alk but this leather is all the way on the other side of the tank from where I add. I have been dosing for a long time and never had problems

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They really do look like burns. If your sure the chemicals did not do the damage then check corals that are up flow and see if any may be casting off slime or can bend and brush the leather. White lines along the base of the fingers is a normal way for the coral to slowly break off a section to populate. This seems to have a flow pattern to it.