Vi's new 1100gal. build

So after my 650 gal tank, the upgrade bug bit me again. We are in process of moving to a new larger location and I used this opportunity to UPGRADE!!!!

Today I ordered my new tank. I am going with AGE built 1100gal. Dimensions are going to be 144"x48"x36". Starfire glass on one side. Going with midcities for installation and setup. I already sold my 650gal tank, stand and sump. Will be keeping rest of my equipment and upgrading as I go along.

I am planning on breaking down my tank some time middle of May and will only be transferring corals to new tank. I am planning on going with all tonga rocks for new tank.

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Clekchua is already doing a 1100. So you have to go at least 1150 or 1200 :) said:
Lol, I am good with 1100gal. Ordered sump today 96" x 36" x 20" AGE is building that as well.

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@fusionvi wrote:
So after my 650 gal tank said:
Good decision to go with MidCities on a build such as this. AGE will build you a great tank. Feel free to come by anytime and check out the setup. Need to talk with you sometime about making me a backdrop that could be rolled up like a old projector screen but sideways to be able to cover tank back and not see into the garage. Was thinking of a blueish type that could act as shadobox type effect. Hope you have a clue what I am talking about. LOL
Talked to Vincent and tommy today and figured out the layout for tank and sump. Also it's ARC that's building the tank not AGE.

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Wow, another 1000+ gallon build! This will be great documentation between you and Lance for building up a monster sized tank.


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Vi, let me know when and where I can help. I'm not being altruistic here, I'll need your help as well ;) I'm happy to hear that it's ARC that's building the tank. So are you going steel framed, I assume. Whats the ETA? I'd love to see it delivered.
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Vi said:
Sure will let you know. Right now I am so busy that I am planning on letting on mid cities handle everything. Move and install. Will surely let you know when it will arrive. Should be mid june. Planning on moving corals to temporary holding tanks sometime end of may and will be only transferring large frags only to new tank. Let me know whatever help you need for setting your tank. Also I am going with all tonga rocks this time so will be selling all my rocks. Let me know if you want me hold on to extra large pcs.

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Thats Jason from fish City.

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