stand and refugium for new 65 reef and fish.


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hi everyone im starting up a used 65 gallon from my lfs and the stand was beat up and small and wasn't gonna hold the refugium i wanted so i built my own stand and refugium. wanted to share some pics View attachment 9465
I moved over the live stock from my other tank. I got a led kit from Steve's leds. pretty cool. my second kit from them and they are both awesome.  I got a bluetooth controller for it. I also got a simplicity 120 skimmer. a jaebo 4 head doser and a brs mini carbon/gfo reactor. I'm running a led grow light over the refugium and it's working well. i just have the clowns in now but will be adding more soon. I'll add some pics ltr today. 
Nice!I run the Steve's LEDs with Bluetooth controller on one of my biocubes, very happy with it.Would love to see some pics when you get a chance :)
it was the first time i build a stand, so im pretty proud of it. i wish i had the tools to make everything perfectly straight but its not too bad. the stand i build from scratch but the canopy is the original just primed and painted to match the stand. 
thanks, im thinking about getting a t5 dual bulb setup to supplement some light but so far steves leds are doing great. i bought the 24" kit so its enough light, just not spread out how i want it. the 36" was out of my price range at the time. 
on the brs mini i setup a t and another shutoff valve so i could clean the media in the tank with as little as mess, work as possible. the t comes out of the sump and spits out the wash water from the reactor into a separate container. that way i dont have to take the whole thing out to rinse the media. i just change the media, screw it back into the reactor and turn a couple valves and out come the dirty media water. once it comes out clean i turn a couple valves back and its back to cleaning my tank.