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Well Ive been using Tropic Marin Pro for a year now with great success but I was thinking of maybe changing salts, due to price. Ive heard people say they have good results with Aquavitro Salinity, Kent Marine, and Red Sea Pro. Does anyone use any of these salts??? Any input.. Or shoul I just stick with TMP. My tanks are mixed sps, lps. Thanks
I started with the Red Sea Pro (after I quit buying salt water at the LFS) and used that for a long time. The last time I bought salt I decided to try the Aquavitro Salinity. I've been using it for probably 6 months now and it seems good but I'll probably go back to the Red Sea Pro next time. My tank just seemed... happier? with it and it's cheaper. I have a small tank, and not a lot of SPS corals, so your mileage may vary. [smilie=smile.gif]
If you use Salinity you need to use the complete Aquavitro line of chem as they work together for the best results... After speaking with Seachem at NW and MACNA they recommended; do not mix other brands of chem with this salt. Including other Seachem additives that are not AQ. I use and like the Seachem reef salt, but tested Salinity and did not have good results so switched back to reef salt... I have now switched my additives to AQ line so will be testing Salinity again with all Aquavitro products. But this is the most expensive product, so if you want to save $ I recommend the Seachem Reef Salt... $53... 200 gl box... free shipping from Foster and Smith.
I used Kent Reef Salt for years and never had a bad experience, but that's because I always measured the salinity, temperature and pH before doing a water change. Had I not tested pH I would have seriously damaged my reef because there was a bad run with very low alkalinity in the salt (nationwide problem). I talked about it in this article:
I use Red Sea Coral Pro salt and I love it. In my opinion, it provides great calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, and pH levels right off the bat. Give it a try -- I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
I also like Red Sea. It's very consistent and it dissolves almost instantly if you sprinkle it instead of dumping it leaves almost no wasted salt at the bottom of the mixing container!
Is it true RSCP leavs alot of undesolved salt at the bottom of the container? And that it can precipitate quiky?
Jochoa, we were just talking about RSCP and how it doesn't leave any salt at the bottom... As with any salt, sprinkle it in slowly while mixing for best results. It does not precipitate, in my experience.
I use salinity salt and used to use tropic Marin pro to me I am getting the same results I run a ca rx and don't dose anything else

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For me after using Fritz salt for one year then Reef Crystals for 4 months, Tropic Marin Pro for 4 Months and finally Red Sea Pro also for 4 months I decided to continue using to Red Sea Pro, takes very little time to be ready, you can see immediate positive change on corals and fish; I didn't see that reaction with the other options.

Reef Crystals seem to generate a higher level of phosphates than the rest, Fritz didn't really generate any excitement.
I'm currently using Salinity and as noted in another salt thread a month or 2 ago, I tested phosphates at .11. It also doesn't mix fully for me, leaves a residue at the bottom. Didn't have this with Red Sea though the water clears up a lot quicker with the Salinity. I think I'm going back to Red Sea or maybe switch to Tropic Marin.
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Didn't Red Sea have a reputation of starting Cyano bacteria outbreaks? said:
I never had one and I had used it for 3 or 4 years before trying Salinity.