Repairing a Biocube 29 splash shield


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Two and a half years ago I added the Rapid LED Aurora kit to my 29 gallon Biocube. ?There were some warnings about the splash shield and UV/violet LED's. ?Well, starting around 1.5 years in there were some yellow spots. ?Going forwards to 2.5 years the splash shield was cracked and getting pretty opaque. ?Here is the critical portion after I cut it out:View attachment 620As you can see it needed to be replaced. ?Here is the area after I cut it out:View attachment 621And a close-up of the hole:View attachment 622I grabbed what should be a more UV resistant piece of acrylic. ?I cut a piece to match. ?The only material I had was a bit thicker, so I cut a step. ?From the outside it will sit flush.From the smell cutting it I figured the splash shield was acrylic, but just in case I figured the step would hold in the new acrylic piece. ?I rounded the corners to match the hole in the splash shield as well:View attachment 623Fortunately it was a very snug fit, bordering press fit which I didn't want. ?Here it is pressed in. ?It would have stayed, but I still wanted to glue it so that it would be sealed and not pop out if someone presses on it:View attachment 624Unfortunately it crossed over to amateur hour when I glued it in, so there are some foggy patches. ?I'm not sure if I'm going to go through the effort of polishing those out since it isn't visible. ?Here it is all glued up. ?As you can see the new section is much clearer than the old part:View attachment 625
Looks like it's time for a bug report, half of those pictures are rotated differently from their orientation on my computer.
Posted by: jccaclimber?Looks like it's time for a bug report said:
I went to upload these on another forum and had the same issue, so it must not be a bug here. ?I rotated the pictures, saved, then rotated them back and saved again. ?It seems they are working now.