Premium Black Snowflake Ocellaris breeding

As inspired by so many individuals before me breeding all different types of clowns I'm going to take a shot at breeding Premium Black Snowflakes. I've only been serious aquarist for approximately a year, but my girlfriend has been seriously entrenched in everything salt water aquarium related for around a decade. She has forced me to take it slow and not rush anything involving salt water in order to learn proper care techniques. Well after reading probably as many guides, documentaries and excerpts as possible when it comes to breeding, my girlfriend finally agreed that it's time to give it a try. I will be documenting every step in the process just as KCaquatics did in his thorough walk through of his breeding experience with Platinum clowns.

BELOW are a couple pics of the fish. I will be uploading pictures of each step with commentary. Hopefully things go well! Sorry for the quality of these two pictures. All I have to take pictures with is my Galaxy s4.