ORA German Green with Blue Polyp Acropora sp. - ANYONE HAVE?


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I was looking for this a while back. A couple of members PM'd or replied on a thread that I started. Try searching for my name and see what turns up.
I've got a pretty nice size colony, its just now starting to get fragging size, but I haven't been able to bring myself to do it yet... :lol:



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i was just about to google this to see a pic, but wow...is that really the ora peice? that is quite nice! new item for wish list :)
Thanks Wes, and yes it is the real deal. I got it as an ORA frag back before they started using the black plugs. It didn't do too well for me at first, but it has grown very well recently. I think its one of those acros that needs to settle in for awhile before it takes off. Gorgeous piece though, one of my fav ORA frags.


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np, its a nice color combo. i like most of the ora stuff out there now days

someone once posted a list on RC of all the ORA frags, you happen to know the link or anyone else know it?
From what I heard, ORA is no longer selling this frag. I think the person told me that ORA's mother colony died.



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I have a piece as well....it's a nice coral not fragable yet.

Wes we can probably work out a trade, I know you had some other ORA frags i wanted.


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@MBZ wrote:
From what I heard said:
I had Josh at Fish Gallery check with ORA about this coral and when he called and talked to ORA, they confirmed that they no longer had the mother colony, but were actively looking for another one. Maybe we will see Version 2.0.


@ss95003 wrote:
I have a piece as well....it's a nice coral not fragable yet. Wes we can probably work out a trade said:
if wes does not have some i have a ora birds of paradise i can frag for trade


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You should sell a frag of that back to ORA and charge the crazy price they charge us, lol! That is a really nice looking coral.


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And they have also lost they colony of the Pearlberry I have a colony that I picked up from someone that said that this is ORA's Pearlberry looked up pic's of it kinda does and it kinda doesn't but it could be the light spectrum I have it under I'll post a pic of it and you guys can make you decision on it but yes I would also love a piece of the fried that you guys are talking about