ORA Blue-Streak Cardinal - Apogon leptacanthus


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Anyone know of a LFS that gets these cardinal fish in? I have seen ORA clowns around the metroplex, but I would like to find about 10-12 of these for my new tank.
If those are the ones Nathan had, you might want to send him a pm on this site or reefcentral...I think that is where he got his but not 100% sure
they have orange lined cardinals at dna for 15 bucks in their tanks next to the sink...
Thanks. I may have to give them a call and see about ordering them. I like the orange lines a little better, but being wild caught, I hear they don't ship well.

Bill at Neptunes Cove can order these in for you at very competitive pricepoints. Give him a call to discuss.

Im sure that Tony at Aquadic Trading in Garland can order some as well.

He's always been able to get the things I want to get in. Sometimes takes him a week or so.. but he likes to make sure they are healthy.
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Blue Eyed or Glass Cardinals(A. Leptacanthus) $11.99

I had A. parvulus, not A. leptacanthus. Blue stripes are MUCH hardier than Red Spots.

FYI Orange Stripe cardinals are very aggressive!
@NathanSE wrote:
I had A. parvulus said:
Thanks Nathan. I hoped you would jump on here. How was the move to SD?

I think that seals the deal for me then, I don't need any agressive, non-hardy fish.