Mini Frag Swap Spring 2023 - March 18th Addison (general thread)

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DFWMAS Spring Mini Frag Swap
Date: Saturday March 18th, 2023
Time: 11 AM to 3 PM (Store hours 11 AM to 5 PM)
Where: The Coral Station - 4901 Keller Springs Rd #104 Addison TX 75001
FREE admission

9:00 AM to 11:00 AM - Setup
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM - General public - Store opens 11 AM
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM - Cleanup - Store closes 5 PM

Please let us know if you are interested in:
Mini Swap will be a little different due to both space and POWER constraints at store The Coral Station. Otherwise, likely Spring Mini Frag Swap will be similar to last year's Spring Frag Swap everyone enjoyed, details in this link:

Buyers: The event is FREE
Things to remember to bring:
  • Insulated container for your corals
  • Money
  • Corals you'd like to trade
    • Donated corals are appreciated
    • Donated corals will be given away (in raffle or as donor wishes)
    • NEW - You may pre-arrange Frag Trades in this thread:
      • TBD
  • Corals
  • Reef Diaper's - Starter Kit Reef Diaper
  • Willows Reef's - Coral Feast 30g food
  • Algae Barn - LIVE Delivery (not pictured, arriving right before event so fresh!)
  • Printed Reef - Sample Pack different frag plug holders
  • Reef Rax - 1/2" Corner Shelf Frag Rack
  • CaribSea - Life Rock Nano Arches (multiple winners)
  • Seachem Laboratories - Tidal Filter 55 (Aquarium Power Filter), Fusion 1 & 2, aquavitro reef, alpha, balance, calcification, eight.four, furl, ions and vibrance, MORE!
  • Mars API AlgaeFix, Quick Start, Stress Coat, stress Zyme, MelaFix
  • Bulk Reef Supply CaribSea Fiji Pink Arag-Alive Aragonite Reef Sand and Instant Ocean BIO-Spira
  • Slide-Loc Skimmate Stein, Dehydrated Skimmate (tea), Skimmer Performace Adapters (2 sizes), MORE!
  • Dinkins Aquatic Gardens - $50 Gift Certificate - 4 winners
  • Red Sea - AB+ Coral Nutrition, Foundation Supplements Complete Pack (Ca, KH, Mg), DipX Coral Induction Bath, Trace-Colors (Iodine, Potassium, Iron, bioactive Elements) - multiple winners
  • Blue Life USA - Reef Rx, RedCyanoRx, PhosphateRx, AiptasiaRx, FlatwormRx, PhosRx, NitrateRx, OrganicFx, ClearFx, Resin Regeneration, Safety Stop Rapid Fish Quarantine
  • Proaquatix - bonded pair designer Ocellaris clownfish and includes fish shipping
  • The Coral Station - $30 Coral Frag - 3 winners
  • Accessories on the Go! - earrings
  • Piscine Energetics - Marine PE Pellets
  • MORE (TBD)

Space for hobbyists is limited so please post interest in this topic if you plan to be a seller. Please specify with or without power table. Both types of tables are 4 foot - tables are bare (no tablecloth provided). There is NO CHARGE for a table at the event for Premium Members, and our hobbyists that would like to sell live corals or fish or dry goods (equipment, etc). The only thing we ask is that all selling hobbyists donate a nice frag or something to the raffle. All hobbyists are responsible for cleaning up their table and area before departure.

Hobbyist Tables (up to 3 with power, at least 2 without power) - only 4 foot tables:
  1. DFWMAS Raffle Table (without power)
    1. no shared club frag tank at this event
    2. refer new PRE-ARRANGE swap/trade/sale thread - lets get back to swap roots!
      thread TBD
  2. @Dinkinsaquaticgardens (without power)
  3. @Cedar Hill Sonya - Accessories On The Go By Sonya (without power)
  4. @Joserb6 - with power
  5. @Cougarzluv - with power

OPEN Waiting list for hobbyist table (please specify if with or without power table or if either type of table):
  1. @hnurge - either with or without power
  2. @JustinS - NaCl - with power

Volunteers on March 18th:
  1. @Fish Think Pink (Lisa)
  2. @murraycamp (Murray)
  3. @Karen (Karen) early day helper
  4. @Dmlewis (Dave)
  5. Liz early day helper
  6. @HangrightRon (Ron)

If you are a hobbyist seeking one of our limited tables, table is free but you must be a Premium member to reach table sign up thread, please go here (if you are NOT Premium member, then link should not even work):

Please refer details above.
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Do you glue animals to rocks? Are your corals overgrowing where you intend them to be? Someone somewhere likely would love to give them a home. This below thread intent is to help make sure all corals have a home.
Willows Reef with Products and DFWMAS logo.jpg

Please support wonderful Willow's Reef who has donated Coral Feast food to our 3/18 Raffle/Giveaway!

Willows Reef CoralFeast.jpg
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Waitlist had @Cougarzluv move up from waitlist to table. Still 1 UNconfirmed table (due to date change). Details are/will be in table sign-up thread.
00 reef-diaper-logo-min-600x112.png

Please support wonderful Reef Diaper who has donated Reef Diaper Starter Kit to our 3/18 Raffle/Giveaway!

Reef Diaper Frag Swap Raffle Prize.JPG
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Printed Reef.png

Please support wonderful Printed Reef who has donated Printed Reef Sample Kit containing Frag Plug holders to our 3/18 Raffle/Giveaway!

Printed Reef Sample Pack for 2023-03-18 Frag Swap.JPG
Algae Barn 400wide.jpg
Please support wonderful Algae Barn who is donating LIVE GOODS to our 3/18 Frag Swap Raffle/Giveaway!

They will ship so items arrive right before Frag Swap
Reef Rax Corner Shelf Mini Frag Swap Donation.JPG
Please support wonderful Reef Rax who donated Reef Rax 1/2" Corner Shelf to our 3/18 Frag Swap Raffle/Giveaway!

Reef Rax logo.png
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Seachem 400wide.jpg
Please support wonderful Seachem Laboratories who donated HUGE list of products to our March 18 Frag Swap Raffle/Giveaway!
  • 350 ml bottles of aquavitro reef, alpha, balance, calcification, eight.four, fuel, ions and vibrance
  • 2 each Fusion 1 & 2 1 Liter bottles
  • 2 each Reef Plus 500ml
  • 4 maintenance towels
  • 4 duo algae pads
  • 1 Tidal Filter 55
  • 1 matrix carbon 55
  • 1 polishing pad 55

Seachem 1 of 2 Frag Swap Donation.JPG
Seachem 2 of 2 Frag Swap Donation.JPG
slide-loc logo black on white-01.jpg

Please support wonderful Slide-Loc who donated HUGE list of products to our March 18 Frag Swap Raffle/Giveaway!

BEER is not included, but I included clarifying photo because I can see many of us needing either 4 or 6 of these for a party set!! Also, if beer is not your thing, included close-up of the Skimmate label (tea) so you giggle instead of gag!

Slide-Loc Skimmate Stein Mug with Beer inside.jpgSlide-Loc Skimmate Tea - 20 pouches - label close up.jpg

Slide-Loc 1 of 2 Frag Swap Donation.JPG
Slide-Loc 2 of 2 Frag Swap Donation.JPG
Is it just me ... or does BEER really look like skimmer juice... ?!?!

I am both drawn to this and grossed out - must have set!

Please support wonderful Blue Life USA who donated products to our March 18 Frag Swap Raffle/Giveaway!