Looking for advice on my sump/fuge build


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So I have a 76 gal FWLR that I hope to eventually begin adding coral too. I had been having all kinds of chem problems with and determined that my current sump set up was not enough for the system. I am supplementing it with an old canister filter and that has stabilized the system but I would like to come up with a more permanent solution. The largest tank I can fit under my stand is 30 gal and I found a good one for cheap on CL. So now I am trying to research the best way to build it (not the construction but the layout). I know this can get dangerous all the different opinions but thought I would throw  it out there anyway and see what happens, ha. So any thoughts on the layout and flow as well as the type of mediums to use. Also thinking of changing out my plumbing for pvc for a cleaner look as well as to give me the option of spitting my drain and adjust flow to send some straight to the fuge chamber. Any thought would be appreciated, thanks. 
So is your plan at this point to have a skimmer/drain section, fuge/drain section and return section?Are you wanting to use filter socks(s) or none?You can definitely do some pvc plumbing with some valves and have some go to one section and some go to a fuge area.
Open to hearing pros and cons my current sump uses filter floss but I see many using the socks, not sure of the benefit of one over the other - open to either.i saw one design - makes sense to me but don't know how good it actually would be. Chamber 1: filter sock/or floss and skimer bubble trap and overflow to chamber 2: drip tray and biological (he was using scrub pads vs bio balls) then under over to chamber 3: fuge (black plexi and inlet side had holes drilled half way up the overflow baffle to create cross flow) then overflow with screen (to catch aglae) to chamber 4: with small tray for chemical filter (as needed) over a sponge (would this sponge stop the flow of pods to my tank? -don't want to do that) then under over to chamber 5: with return pump. Pros/cons of this? I know order of things make a difference (like putting skimer before fuge so that it doesn't skim out pods) any downside to this layout. I want to maximize water volume, I want to be as natural with my filtration as I can but until things grow and balance know that I might need chemical filtration help. I am open to opinions as to what media and filters are best. I want to cover all my bases and create filter system that will keep my fish and future corals happy and heathy for years to come.i would rather take my time and do my research so that I can build it right the first time (don't want to waste time and money building and rebuilding and should have, ghouls have) looking for what works best and learn from others.there is tons of stuff out there but I wanted to run it all by here first and get opinions. Thanks for the help. 
Macro is growing great, nitrates are still up but looks like they are starting to drop. Everything else is stable and all LS looks happy and healthy.