Leaking acrylic sump needing help and suggestions

Alright im needing some help/advice tonight, I opened my stand to adjust my ato hose and noticed some water at the bottom of my sump. curious to where it was coming from so I wiped it and now its present again. My sump is a SYNERGY REEF SYSTEMS 20x20x14. What would you do in the meantime before it gets worse? Does anyone local have a sump of those dimensions? Anyone know where I could buy it and receive it quickly? im stuck. also would you repair it? if so who would do it?


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If you are 100% sure is coming from the sump, I would suggest removing it to avoid any further spills. Identify where is leaking from and contact the manufacturer to see if they can assist. More than likely the sump can be fix/patched. There are several people here that do excellent acrylic work, and I can assist as well.
If you don't want to repair it, check with your area stores to see if they have a replacement sump.


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I'd reach out to Marc Levenson he works with acrylic basically that's his job he doesn't for a living