Kens 32 gallon cube

this is my 3rd reef tank. I previously had a 90 and a 180. I moved into an upstairs apartment about 2 years ago and I can’t stand not having a tank, so here goes. I built the stand yesterday and I am painting it today. I have always built my own stands but this time I used a little different approach. 100% MDF board. 3/4”. Here are a few pics. 
Is looking really nice. I'll suggest do painting the inside of the stand specially if you are keeping a sump in there.
I would have had water in it last night but Amazon shipped me the wrong sand. Oh well the replacement will be here on Thursday. On another note. On my other tanks I just ran an empty sump with a skimmer. I’ve never had a small tank like this and I’m not going to use a sump. I will have close to 40 lbs of rock. What should I use in the filter compartments?
Ah that's a bummer!Not sure what your chambers look like in the back, what brand is that cube?You will probably want it to go through some filter floss first, then a sponge, then either bag of carbon, seagel or purigen. You could also setup a mini refugium if you have room. Sounds like you will have enough rock for biological, but if you stock it heavy you might want to add either a bag of matrix or marinepure spheres/plate cut to fit, if you have room. Could even add a skimmer if there is room...
Posted by: Chris Ah that's a bummer!Not sure what your chambers look like in the back said:
It is a Coralife BioCube 32. It has 3 chambers. First one what’re goes in then to middle where stock filter cartridge is placed then onto 3rd which is where water returns to tank
Very nice, the biocubes are great. You might look at an InTank basket. I kinda made my own but have been contemplating getting one. like with your size you could fit 2, one for filter and media and another for a separate refugium if you wanted, could always add refugium later after tank starts getting some nutrients to feed it. Go check out their pictures in the link and you can see them installed.
Equipment and supply listInstant ocean reef crystalsCaribsea agrialive Fiji pink sand40 lbs worldwide imports Atlantic coral rockFinex digital heater 100 wattpurigenchemipure blueHydor smart wave controller 2 hydor koralia 425 power heads Tunze 3152 nano osmolator ATO   
Looks good!Beware of the chemipure if you start getting coral. In my 14 gallon it stripped everything out of the water that my corals liked because they all died. Just make sure and dont over filter, if needed take out of bag, split and put in your own bag with amount needed for your size tank. My mistake was too much, definately works though!